unistep.net Colophon

About the site

This site, unitstep.net, was created out of a personal interest of mine in web development, design and the technologies related to them. Ever since I used the Internet for the first time, I have been interested in what goes into creating a website, and as such, I have spent a great deal of my personal time learning about these topics. Thus, I thought it fit to create my own website, dedicated to such things, if only to serve as record of my self-learning and to give me time to reflect. On this site, you’ll find my thoughts on current trends in the technologies driving the web, and just about anything related to the Internet in general. You may also find an entry or two dedicated to some other interests of mine.

If you’re interested about the name, unitstep.net, feel free to read more into it.

What’s driving it

The site is currently hosted by Site5, and runs on the popular LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) setup. Content is managed by the excellent WordPress platform. I had considered other platform options, such as a fully-featured CMS like Drupal, but since the main part of the site is its blog, I decided to go with WordPress, since it’s easier to setup and designed for blogging.

Since WordPress makes it easy to create a standards-compliant site that is reasonably rich with semantics, this site is currently marked up using XHTML 1.0 Transitional, using CSS to style the pages. Thus, content and presentation have been reasonably well-separated, but that’s a whole other topic. Most pages should validate, but I do not guarantee that all will; I’m trying my best. However, this site should look good, at least in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. (This is the upside of not having to design a site for a business that must look good across many different browser types and versions.)


As mentioned before, this site is hosted by Site5, and this is the first hosting company I’ve been with. Since I had no experience in this area, I read extensively on the topic for quite some time before making a decision. I quickly learned that there are many hosting companies out there, since it’s evidently quite easy to get into the business. Thus, you’ll quickly grow old trying to check up on all of them. Unfortunately, a lot them also seem to be quite shady, providing mediocre levels of service and next-to-no customer support; there are plenty of reviews out on the Internet about these companies.

After some time, I settled on two choices: Site5 or Host Gator. Both had favourable reviews on the Internet and at Web Hosting Talk, a very good forum-resource for those considering or looking for web hosting. I finally decided to go with Site5 after looking at the features offered – Site5 seemed to offer more options in terms of domains and sub-domains. I signed up with them, and within a day of my order going through, the site was live and ready to go. Since then, I haven’t experienced any problems with downtime or accessibility, so I can recommend them.