Acer Aspire One 6-cell vs. 3-cell battery comparison

Since my initial unboxing of the Acer Aspire One, I’ve managed to get my hands on a 6-cell version for testing. I was interested in seeing what this unit was like, considering that most complaints stemmed from the inadequate battery life of the 3-cell version, which was also evident to me. Here are some comparison pictures to help you decide whether the extra bulk is worth the additional run time. My opinion follows.

6-cell/3-cell comparison
6-cell add some slope/tilt


I’ve since completed my full review of the Aspire One. Please read if you’re interested.

With the 3-cell battery you’re going to get less than three hours of run time on the Aspire One. Most reviews I’ve read report a battery life of around two and a half hours. I can confirm this, as I got just over 2h:35m of run time before the Windows power management automatically put the Aspire One into hibernate with 3% of battery life left.

6-cell/3-cell comparison
6-cell/3-cell comparison

This was with the wireless LAN enabled and the screen at just over half-way brightness. I was doing regular desktop activities like browsing the Internet for most of the time, though this is far from a scientific test as I didn’t keep track of exactly what I did or did not do. I have the subjective feeling that the Aspire One might have trouble making it through a full-length feature film during an airline flight with only the 3-cell battery.

6-cell comparison
6-cell protrudes slightly

Thankfully, that’s where the 6-cell comes into play. The 6-cell does not add that much bulk or weight to the overall package and even though it may look unsightly in the pictures, it is well worth the additional battery life. In any event, you will hardly notice its presence during use – I can wholeheartedly recommend the 6-cell version, especially with the recent price drops and introduction of an additional 6-cell version with a 160 GB HDD at a lower price than the previous top-of-the-line Aspire One.

6-cell protrudes slightly
Screen extension comparison

Check out the rest of the photos here.

The 6-cell battery also adds some more tilt/slope to the Aspire One so that it’s more inclined towards you; supposedly this results at a better angle for typing but I didn’t perceive things to be better or worse after this. The 6-cell also prevents the screen from fully extending backwards, though as you’ll see from the photos, the screen can still swing back plenty.

Overall, getting 5+ hours of run time will make you confident that your Aspire One will make it through most movies and still leave you time for a game of solitaire.

As a final note, I’m still working on my full review of the Aspire One; expect it soon, depending on my schedule and free time.


  1. do you happen to know when the 6 cell version is going to be available?

  2. Hi Sean,

    Here in Canada, the 6-cell version of the Aspire One has been widely available for about the past 2 weeks. Not sure about other countries though.

    If you’re referring to the new version of the Aspire One, with the 160 GB HDD, I’m not sure when that will be available. Likely it’ll be a month or so before wide availability.

  3. Hi, how much weight does the 6 cell battery add? Is there a noticeable difference between the 3 cell and
    6 cell battery in weight? The official specs list the aspire one with the 120 GB HD and 6 cell battery at 1.27 kg. Does that sound about right.


  4. Hi John,

    To me, there is not a huge difference. Specs I’ve seen said that the 3-cell/8 GB SSD version weighs 0.995 kg/2.19 lbs and the 6-cell/120 GB HDD version weighs 1.26 kg/2.78 lbs.

    Typically a human can perceive a weight difference of 10%. So the difference here is definitely perceivable by those standards, however we are talking about a difference of only 265 g, which to me, is well worth the huge increase in battery life. If you consider the case and other stuff that you will carry the Aspire One with, the extra weight is negligible in my opinion.

  5. biggest problem with 6 cell is that there is no longer a gap between the body and the screen when the screen is open. I walk around the house with my 3 cell with my finger hooked in that gap. very handy.

  6. Peter,

    I found you while looking for a 6cell battery for my Aspire One and realized you were also based in Ontario. (I’m in Caledon north of Toronto)

    Definitely like the machine which I bought at Tiger Direct but they don’t have batteries for sale.

    Some of the “links” around show the battery back-ordered.

    Any suggestions where I should look?

    By the way, nice looking site you have.



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  8. Hi JF,

    I ordered my 6-cell AAO from (which is basically but I now notice that both of these retailers are out of stock for 6-cell batteries and the 6-cell Aspire One versions.

    Unfortunately it seems as if the initial stock has sold out in Canada. However, it shouldn’t be too long before new units start arriving, especially since Acer is ramping up production of the 160 GB/6-cell version.

  9. Disable the power management auto-hibernate and you’ll get an extra half hour easily. Windows is woefully inaccurate when it comes to computing remaining battery life. My Aspire One ran for a good 8 minutes after the battery showed 0% in the task tray!! At 3% you’ve got another 30 minutes of browsing left.

    Also, no problems with watching movies. I use MacicDisc to mount ISO images of DVDs as a virtual drive, and I watched an entire movie with the brightness about halfway up, and still had plenty of juice left.

    That being said, I’m lamenting my $349 Aspire One Best Buy purchase… I didn’t realize the 6-cell battery bundle was on the horizon.

    I wonder if there’s any chance Acer will offer a discount for that 6-cell battery to people who purchased the 3-cell version…


  10. <>
    That would be quite odd, since I assume the only people who would buy the 6-cell battery are people who purchased the 3-cell version? Who else are they selling them to?

  11. Was the manufacturer number of the 6 cell version you tested?

  12. I have an Aspire with the 6 cell battery on order with Amazon. After seeing it tough, I am worried. I usually just use my laptop at home, so the bigger battery isn’t that critical to me. It kind of looks like an ugly appendage in the photos. Is extra battery life worth making anice looking laptop look like a Frankenstein netbook?

  13. mike, I’d be willing to trade my 3 cell battery + cash for your 6 cell battery, if you are interested drop me a line saltpepperbay at aol com, TIA.

  14. How long does it usually take to get a full charge?

  15. @sloth
    It’s been a while since I had to do a full recharge, so I can’t remember exactly how long it took to fully recharge the 6-cell battery. Certainly not more than 2-3 hours.

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  17. Just received my 6-cell last week; doesn’t look as bad as in photos (I got the Onyx black; not sure if that helped). Does feel pretty hefty, though. But after one weekend trip, I’m sure I made the right decision – the battery life is so good I don’t think I’ll need to bring my power adapter for a weekend trip with normal, evening browsing/emailing. Haven’t tested the full-drain yet, but was able to browse using Sprint Mobile Broadband (USB version) for cumulatively 4 hours with quite a bit of battery remaining.

  18. There is a 6 Cell 160 GB version on newegg for 399 and they say ETA is 10.27.08. Going to pick one up, wish it had solid state but i can’t justify spending extra $100 for SSD.

  19. Hello..

    I would prefer buying a 3-Cell battery version. But everyone is selling the 6-cell battery Aspire One.

    Is it possible for me to buy a 6- Cell one but buy the 3-cell separately. Where would I get it and would it work with the 6-Cell version of Acer Aspire One?

    Please advise.
    My email address:


  20. @Charlie
    Great to hear you’re enjoying the 6-cell version. I’m happy with mine as well.

    Most places are carrying the 3-cell version, at least in Canada. You can probably find 3-cell/6-cell batteries as well, they are available in Canada.

  21. You mentioned watching movies with the 6 cell version. Is it possible to do so legally without the DVD. I know it is possible to rip a DVD with certain programs, but most now honor copy protection.


  22. @Clark
    It depends on what country you live in. IANAL, but from what I understand making a copy of a DVD in Canada is okay so as long as it is only for personal use and you still possess the original. Again, I’m not a lawyer, so don’t take this as professional advice or endorsement.

    In the US, while the act of making a personal copy of a DVD may not be prohibited by itself, the act of ripping the DVD (i.e. decrypting it) is most likely against the DMCA.

  23. That’s where I figured I would end up. So much for watching movies on it. If I have to attach it to an external drive, I might as well use my big computer with a big screen. The lack of a DVD is a problem regardless of the OS – at least in the US. Perhaps, some studios will start releasing movies on SDs or they will eventually pass a fair use law allowing us to copy movies (backup) as long as we retain both the original and the copy.

    In anycase, appreciate the reply and information.

    Thanks, Clark

  24. Can you use a 3 cell battery on a 6 cell acer aspire one? If so, where do I get the 3 cell battery for it?

    Acer website doesn’t have any 3-cell battery.

    Thanks for you response.

    I have ordered 6 cell system from Amazon but I think it looks rather ugly.

  25. @Clark
    Don’t forget the recent popularity of digital download services like iTunes.

    The 3-cell and 6-cell batteries are compatible with one another, in that they both fit in the Aspire One since they use the same connector. I’m not sure where you can buy just the 3-cell battery, though.

  26. With young grandkids coming in November, can you legally buy and download popular movies such as Disney to be played and replayed later. Perhaps save them on an SD card? I am looking to let them watch in the car. (My son has a DVD player so they are used to doing this, especially if we go to the beach – a 3 hr drive. But I don’t have one.)


  27. I just brought a 6-cell aspire one and find it heaveir comparing to ASUS mini note. I am interested in getting a 3-cell battery. Any suggestion on where can I buy one?

  28. @Clark
    I think it depends on the service. Different services have different DRM that may only allow you to play back the movie on the PC that you downloaded it to, and not allow for even legitimate copying as you described.

    Depends where you are located. In Canada, they are available at some retailers but are quite expensive. might have some.

  29. What’s the difference between the acer aspire 150-1006 and 150-1786?

    Saw the 1786 on walmart website and was wondering if they were the same thing:

  30. Clark, you can legally (or semi-legally, it’s a grey area) rip your own DVD’s to create digital copies of them that you can then place on the AAO… Handbrake’s a good program for re-encoding or compressing that video to transfer it to the AAO, and so is SUPER.

    Although first you will need something like DVD Decrypter to decrypt the contents of the DVD and copy it to your HD. That’s where the grey area is, technically it’s legal to make backup copies of DVDs you own, but circumventing copy protection isn’t. See the Wikipedia entry:

    It’s not like the DMCA is enforced at this level though, unless you actually go ahead and put your compressed rips online for others to download… Then the MPAA may go RIAA on you. :p (MPAA hasn’t been as active at policing it’s content online as the RIAA has AFAIK, or as active at suing the ever living daylights out of everyone)

  31. I cancelled my order for 6-cell Aspire One with Amazon and ordered a 3-Cell system.

    The reason/s being:

    1.I am buying this for pure portability. No point in making it heavier (unless I have to).

    2. For most part, my computers are plugged in.

    3. On airline, most of my flights do not exceed 2 hours.

    4. You can always buy a 6 cell battery separately. No such luck with 3 cell battery.

    I am writing this as I see several posts deliberating between 3-cell and 6-cell systems.


  32. Wondering if the SSD makes a significant improvement to the battery life? Anyone see a comparison on that somewhere?


  33. Hello!

    What a great review, I was looking to buy the 6 cell batter off the internet, but I didn’t know it sticks out from the netbook like that. Maybe it is worth to compensate that for the battery life it adds, but I was just wondering how are you going to put your acer aspire one in your case? Will it fit?

  34. I bought the 6 cell version for $399

    I’m debating whether to exchange it for the 3 cell version and 40gig less ahrd drive to enjoy more portability.

    I htink the 3 cells’ 2 hour life might suffice to me and even though i have not opened the package yet, pictures of the batter ysticking out might be uncomfortable for me in a car with it on my lap


  35. Thanks to all of you. I tonight bought a 3 cell Aspire One at Radio Shack and had the same questions.

    Guess I will be happy with this, and buy a separate 6 cell if needed. Thanks again to all of you!

  36. i think the acer aspire one is a excellen laptop for business. but the 3 cell and 6 cell battery isnot perfect for it.
    now in the market, we can find the 9 cell acer aspire one battery.
    i find a website the price is $78.6 for the 9 cell acer aspire one battery.

    we are can get buy one for your laptop. they have black, blue , white three color.

  37. @Jeff
    The 6-cell vs. 3-cell is really a aesthetics choice. The 6-cell is not uncomfortable to use, even if its on your lap.

  38. @ndplume
    I haven’t tested it myself, but I doubt the SSD makes a huge difference in battery life for everyday usage. See this thread for more details.

  39. Need more RAM? look what i found…

  40. Hi,
    I don’t know where i can buy the 6-cell battery Acer Aspire laptop. I live in Ottawa. I’ve checked the website of Future Shop, best Buy, and Circuit City and they all don’t carry it according to their websites. Where did u guys get it from.

    Please let me know.
    * is the fan really loud?


  41. @Amy
    I bought mine at DirectCanada. However you should check local smaller computer stores, they may carry it as well. (Canada Computers comes to mind, if there is one in Ottawa)

    Also, the fan can be a little annoying if you are in a really quiet environment. I use AA1 Fan Control software to lower the noise/control the fan.

  42. Costco (USA) has Acer Aspire One for $349 this week…

    Jake L

  43. I got a 9 cell battery for my aspire one through amazon. It is huge!!! But if you’re going to get a bigger battery, you might as well go with the 9 cell and get around 8 hours of battery life. Now I can use the compact 3 cell battery for light use and can plug in the ac adapter if needed. But I also can go all day with the 9 cell and leave the ac adapter at home. The 9 cell is very useful if you’re not going to be near any ac outlets. With my 9 cell battery on the aspire one with my verizon 3g internet modem… I can surf the web ALL DAY without any external power. When I do have access to AC, I generally use a more powerful workstation or full size laptop… the aspire one is built for portability and a 9 cell makes it go all day.

  44. hi is the 6 cell battery available for purchase if i bought a 3 cell acer one?

    will it work with it?

  45. @Oliver
    Thanks for the tips, I may pick up a 9-cell if needed!

    Yes, the 6-cell is compatible with the 3-cell, so if you bought a AAO with a 3-cell you can easily swap in a 6-cell.

  46. Well, grr, I bought a Aspire One at Costco because the seller told me it was a 6 Cell battery. There is no way for me to tell if it is 6 cell but it looks like a 3 Cell. Is it possible that a 6 Cell look like a 3 Cell? My modele is not anywhere on the web:

    AOA150 1520 (LU.S050B.232)

    The battery says:


    It says 32Wh

    10.8 V
    2.7 Ah

    It’s the only info it has on it…There is a
    CE logo with a 5 in a circle.

    I can’t even figure out the battery manufacturor.

    What is the model in Canada with Windows XP, 160 GB, 1 GB ram, 1.6 ghz (or better) AND 6 Cell battery? I don’t want this mistake to happen again (and it’s half my fault, I have no idea what a 6 Cell battery looks like, but was told it was 6 Cell).


  47. @Mark

    Look at the photos at the top of this page and ignore the color. The six cell sticks out the back as on the blue PC. The 3-cell tucks in nicely under the hinge, but the battery only lasts 2 hours tops.

    Costco was selling the 3-cell version when I last saw it on display in the stores for $349

  48. 349. You mean in US or canadian money? I’m asking this because you say you are in Canada. Mine was
    more like 449 canadian. Which sounded like the normal price with a 6 cell battery. I think Future Shop had the 3 Cell for less, so I am ripped off. Actually Costco will refund surely, but it’s just such a waste of time. I cannot fit the battery on the netbook because I don’t wish to open any plastic wrap. I would need a photo of only the batteries in close-up and profile (no angle), but mine really look like the smaller 3 cell. Round on one side and squarish on the other. It looks like the 6 Cell takes a deep angle down and look like a triangle from the side.

    This is a very serious reason for return as I specifically asked the 6 Cell and was told (with great enthousiasm) “this is it!”. How very annoying. If anyone knows whee they have the 6 Cell (blue, XP, 160GB) in stock in Canada, please tell.


  49. Duh, memobug is not Peter Chng I presume, sorry.

    Thus the price must be US. Maybe it makes sense, 449 for the 3 Cell in canadian. The 6 Cell must be 550 Canadian..

  50. I’m getting the Acer for Christmas. We’ll probably pick one up in Oregon sans sales tax.

    FWIT, on a couple of previous computers, I bought OEM batteries on eBay, etc and I seem to remember that none of them held the charge that the original batteries that came with the computers held. Or if the battery “meter” said they did, they certainly ran down in a lot less time than the meter forecast.

    I’ll probably get the 3 cell edition because I’m looking for ultra light weight for traveling. I’m wondering what kind of time users here are getting from the 6 cell OEM batteries?

  51. I just saw that has the 6 cell 120GB XP unit for $379 +$9.99 for shipping/handling.

    I’m going to check their in-store pricing tomorrow. However, I was in the store a few days ago and the only price I saw was $349 which almost has to be for the 3 cell model.

  52. Hi
    I have just read all the comments, very interesting,the pictures make the what was once a nice looking netbook into an eyesoar.But I will have to wait and see the real thing when it comes to Ireland.In the meantime I will have to think about the 160gb6cell Asus, at least this does not have any ugly protusion.


  53. has the 6-cell/160GB/XP version in black for $379.

  54. I just got my Acer Aspire from HSN delivered today and I have to say I’m disgusted with the tech service so far.
    I have never used a laptop or notebook in my life and no where in the user guide does it explain the most basic stuff. Like the model number was in Chinese so I called because I can’t read Chinese and I needed it to register. The tech told me it was a AOA150-1505 and there is no where on the web that refers to that model number.
    And, he told me to run it until the battery was almost out and then simply plug it in and it would recharge on it’s own. It’s not doing that and I can’t find anything on how to do it on their website since I can’t find the damn model number he gave me.
    Can anyone enlighten me as to if there is something I’m missing?
    meanwhile, I’m thinking I might just have to send it back and hope they refund me specifically because the support was so terrible.

  55. Hey Kay,

    If you got the model below at HSN, you have the top of the Acer Aspire line with the 160GB hard drive. I’m surprised that the model number is in Chinese. I would have to generally agree with the advise you were given about running the battery down and then plugging it in to charge. IF you have the charger plugged in correctly and its NOT charging, I would definitely recommend returning it IF you can.

    One definite reason if money means anything to you is the price of this model on HSN which at the site below says $500. You can get the same computer from for $380 and with slightly less charge for shipping. If your price was actually closer to Costco’s, then it’s not as clear cut of a decision.

    As far as operating it, just like any other computer, turn it on. I’m not sure if this is a good laptop for you IF it’s going to be your primary computer. Too many give-ups for serious computing. I’m getting mine primarily for travel. I expect 95% of my usage will be surfing the internet and email. For serious laptop computing I will use my Apple MB or my PC desktop.

    Keeps us up to date as to how the Acer works out for you. I won’t be getting my computer until Christmas (according to Ms Santa Claus). I can’t figure out where she’s hidden it!


  56. Hey Kay,

    Just watched most of the video at the HSN site. I guess its not a bad deal although as I said in my posting above, has the same computer for $380. The only difference is that you don’t get a mouse or the memory stick with all the programs.

    However, re the programs, if you don’t need them, they become a “rip”. A lot of this type software also is basic editions that may not be very good or useful to most people. While I don’t remember if HSH is talking about it, every Aspire I’ve seen advertised comes with a 30 day try-out of MS Office and of course, after 30 days it turns into smoke.

    Since the Acer does not come with a CD/DVD drive, IF you have any programs that are on a CD/DVD, you will either have to buy an external drive or borrow one to install the programs.

  57. hey Chuck,
    That is the one I got. I have no use for any of the programs on the USB drive except for Morpheus and it won’t let me load it because I didn’t get a code with it. I called the number on the drive’s package and that turned out to be another headache because he told me that it was a problem I would have to take up with Acer. They were closed by the time I found out. So, now I’m going to be back with Acer support, again. I thought they said on HSN that once you take the programs out of the USB drive it would act as extra storage? Can I empty a USB drive? It came with no instructions at all.

    My battery recharged but all the time it was recharging the light was red instead of amber.

    I have a desktop my son just built me that is great. I wanted the Acer to fit into my purses.
    And I only want to use it for taking minutes at meetings, surfing, shopping, blogging, and e-mails. I have a large ergo keyboard so typing on the tiny one was quite a challenge for me.

    Thank you for alerting me to the price difference. I did pay the 499 and I do think I’ll call HSN and ask about that. Now they have really good customer service generally, so maybe they will give me credit or just let me send all of it back.

    It’s these little things that are irritating. But, the damn thing has a really nice clean picture and it is cute as hell. We have no 3G service where I live so I thought this would be the next best thing to a blackberry and even more useful for someone with poor vision.

    I’ve bookmarked this page so I can check out the discussions on here about this product. And, as things turn out I’ll post back.

    Thank you for your response.

  58. Hey Kay,

    I sure you can use the 4GB memory stick that came with the unit. If you are going to keep the system, after installing whatever programs you want, just put the stick in the computer and reformat it. I assume that the stick comes up as drive D. If that is the case (and you can check that by clicking on “My computer”), just type on the first line above the “Start” button, “Format D:”. Just make sure the letter you reference for format is the correct on. In NO case will it be C!!!

    Generally, your proposed usage is going to be the same as mine. Re the keyboard and calling a spade a spade, it sucks for any kind of fast accurate typing (especially with the size of the screen.) There is a way around that though that I’m pretty sure will work (at least at home). And that is to get a USB external keyboard. If you have a desktop, that keyboard may serve double duty if its a USB type and most of them are these days.

    I guess I didn’t hurt your feelings about the software on the memory stick. Mine won’t come with that option, but I still will have to clean out the garbage software that computer manufacturers cram on their computers these days.

    Good luck getting HSN to give you a break on the price as they will justify the extra $120 for the mouse and the $400 dollars worth of crapo software.

    If you click on the “mange your subscriptions” at the bottom of this page, they will send you an email anytime there is a post here.


    PS Can’t wait to get mine. I’m strongly considering taking it on a trip down to Costa Rica in January.

  59. Hey, I have the acer netbook AOA150-1283, with 3 cell battery purchased from for 379 CAD. The battery specs are UM08A51 and 10.8v. All the batteries online are either for the UMO8A7_ series or 3_ series and say they are 11.1v. Will these replacements work on my canadian bilingual model? I dont want to risk it. The battery says use only 51 model, but that might be a money making warning more than a personal safety issue. Does anyone have the same model who has ordered a battery? The 9 cell is around 80usd on ebay, and about the same plus shipping on the global laptop battery website mentioned above. What should I do?
    email me at andy_joanisse at

  60. Another interesting option for the Acer Aspire. A car charger to keep the battery “topped” up while in a car or perhaps an airplane with a charger port.

  61. Does anyone know the exact weight of the 6 cell battery or better yet, how much more the 6 cell weighs than the 3 cell?

    I’ve been leaning toward getting the 3 cell model, but am starting to think I should consider the 6 cell model.

  62. Never mind about the weight question. I answered it myself with the online Acer specs.

    The 3 cell unit weighs 2.19 pounds
    The 6 cell unit weighs 2.78 pounds

    The 6 cell unit above includes a hard drive while the 3 cell unit has a solid state drive.

    I would think the ssd is slight less weigh than the hd.

    The short answer here is about .6 pounds more in weight.

  63. @Mark
    US and Canadian prices for items are not so different any more with the appreciation of the Canadian dollar in recent years… the 3-cell AAO usually runs for $300-$350 CAD and the 6-cell can be had for $400-$430 depending on where you buy..

    I can get > 5 hours on a full charge, but this depends of course on your usage patterns. And also thanks for your kind responses here to other questions!

    The pictures really overemphasize the extent to which the battery is an “ugly protrusion”, as I mentioned in my review. It’s really not that bad and I have no problem. If possibly, try to see one in real life for yourself before making a decision..

    Generally, manufacturers don’t like you using third-party batteries, but in most cases it shouldn’t be a problem, but as always, buyer beware.

  64. Re Peter Chag comments above…

    I assume you are talking about the 6 cell battery lasting 5 hours. That’s the one I’ve decided to ask Ms. Santa Claus for.

    Re the “ugly” protrusion, while I haven’t seen it, I assume it’s like my previous IBM Thinkpad and I never thought it was ugly, but it did stick out about an inch or so. I think there is also a 9 cell option out there (not a Acer option). Assuming it stuck out twice as much, that would be UGLY.

    Once again, as I mention early, I don’t think there’s any free lunch in regards to OEM battery manufacturers. EVERY time I bought one of these turkeys (either on eBay or from some battery website), none of them held a charge like the batteries that came with the laptops I’ve owned. If anyone has a different take on this issue, I would like to hear what site the batteries were purchased from.

  65. Hi Peter

    Thank you for the advise,I will wait to see the unit,hopefully it will come to Ireland soon.So it now the 160gb Asus or 6 cell Acer.I prefer the Acer as I like the glossy screen as to the matte finish of the Asus.


  66. @Chuck
    Yes, my run times were based on the 6-cell. As I mentioned I think the photos I’ve taken tend to exaggerate the degree to which the battery sticks out (may have been the angle) and I have no problem with it. With regards to third-party battery manufacturers, the quality is definitely something of concern.

    I’m surprised that they’re not available in Ireland yet – they have been out in UK for some time so I just assumed that they’d be available there as well.

  67. Hi Peter
    I have tried and they do not have the 6 cell 160gb Acer Aspire One.They told me that it will not be available in the UK until after xmas.Do you know of anywhere in the uk I can get one?? thanks sean

  68. Hey Peter…

    I’m just about ready to pull the trigger on the Acer Mini. I just read somewhere else on the web that will the 6 cell battery, the screen does NOT tilt back as far as the 3 cell unit.

    If this is true, does it impact viewing. On almost every laptop I’ve had or tried, there is an optimum viewing angle. With the laptop I’m writing this on (Apple MB), the screen is probably 30 degrees down from vertical for the best view. I’m wondering if the 6 cell battery prevents the screen from tilting that far down.

    I don’t know if I’m making myself clear here, but from my experience, a laptop screen should tilt far enough back that the eyes of a viewer are look at the screen almost straight on. Any angle off the optimum viewing angle “washes” out the screen.

    Any thoughts on the above would be appreciated.

  69. @Sean
    Last I checked, Amazon UK had them in stock, you may want to check them out.

    I covered the screen tilt issue in my article (this actual one – check the photos at the bottom) and yes it does prevent the screen from going horizontal, but in my opinion it still can tilt far further back than is necessary so there should not be a problem.

  70. Hi Peter
    I just checked but they have no 160gb 6 cell Acer Aspire One.They have the extended batteries.Can you give me the direct link to the 6cell Acer that you found.thanks sean

  71. @Sean
    Ah okay, I think you’re right, I didn’t consider the 6-cell version, sorry about that.

  72. Hi Peter Thanks anyway,it seems that the 160gb 6cell AA0 will not arrive in Europe until some time in jan 2009 so I will just have to wait.

  73. To all:

    Looks like is out of the 6 cell Acer netbooks. Just found basically the same deal at JR Music World that is really even better (free shipping). Six cell, 160GB HD, etc for $380. Considering that the 3 cell, 120Gb HD is priced at $350, it’s a no-brainer.

    At the site below. They also ship to Canada and a couple other “American Territories”, but ground shipping is NOT available to most which I assume means no free shipping.

    Sorry Peter, I forgot about your pictures at the start of this thread. The tilt angle of the 6 cell looks great to me. I don’t care a hoot about going horizontal, but a great feature would be the so-called “expanding” keyboard that IBM put on some of their smaller laptops a few years ago. Yes, I know. Its not going to happen.

    This computer is going to be for me just what its called. A netbook. The keyboard is the only thing I don’t like about the computer. However, disregarding the performance, I can see how this computer could serve as an everyday computer with a USB keyboard and a bigger monitor.

  74. OS X on Acer Aspire One…

    Saw several thread and a couple of youtube videos showing OS X on the Acer. Just wondering if anyone here is considering installing the Apple system on their Acer?

    Looks tad complicated for my taste. Maybe when my warranty is up, I’ll reconsider it.

  75. Aspire One 6 cell 160GB available now at Broadway Photo for $344.00 and free delivery. Just purchased mine. Not refurbished in case you ask.

  76. Just thought you would be interested–The Acer aspire one 6 cell for $344 at Broadway photo is all in Japanese with no American warranty!–the American version is about $100 more money!–Ron

  77. Re Ron and Pam above…

    I was just on the site and did NOT see any Acer Aspire 160GB/6 cell unit listed. I DID see several models at $344, but they all appeared to be the 120GB model and I ASSUME, the 3 cell flavor.

  78. to \Chuck!–Look at the features–List a 160 hard drive which has 6 cell battery!–I called and was ready to buy until they told me the language was in Japanese at the $344 price!!==If I wanted English and American warranty it was about $100 more!

  79. Re Ron…

    I guess I’m going to have to say I was wrong. However, copy leaves a little to be desired. I’m only interested in the 6 cell battery unit and as far as I can tell from a second reading of their webpage, none of the units listed say ANYTHING directly about the 6 cell battery. A couple of the units listed do mention the 160GB HD which as far as I can tell, is also supposed to be teamed up with the 6 cell.

    I googled the units by number and the AOA150-1049 comes up elsewhere as the 6 cell unit.

    Regardless of the above, my Ms Santa Claus ordered the J&R Music world deal (6 cell) at $380 and I feel more comfortable with J&R verses Broadway Photo (who I never heard of before).

    Thanks for the warning about the Japanese language on the cheaper unit.

  80. Well, I’ve been trying to play with my 6 cell Acer but I have a close friend in the hospital and I’ve been there more than I’ve been using my Acer. Sooo, just tonight I decided to watch a youtube video on my own blog to see how it would look on the Acer. It didn’t play well at all.
    It kept stopping every few seconds to download more data.
    Is this a common problem with these things? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank all of you for being so helpful to me. I really appreciate it, especially right now!

  81. BTW, I don’t find that the 6 cell thingie is in anyway obnoxious or ugly. Maybe because I never had anything else? But, I can say I showed it to a friend of mine who normally uses her larger laptop and she loved it.

  82. to Chuck!–I think you made the right choice with J and R!–That sounds like a good price!–I have been trying to find a 6 cell at $350 but no luck so far!–If I find that I will buy a blue one!–My xmas present to myself!–I will let you know if I find a deal!–thanks for the info!–Ron

  83. To Kay…
    While I haven’t see the Acer surf the net yet as I’m not getting mine until Christmas, I would say that IF you’re getting “stop and go” playback on youtube on every video you try, then there may be a problem with the Acer handling video playback.

    Try a few other youtube videos or a cnn video. Occasionally I have that same problem on ALL computers that I’ve had. I assume it’s either a server problem or a broadband throughput problem caused by too many people on the system.

  84. About Broadway Photo Aspire One order. DONT. I’ve had nothing but trouble with this company for the last 2 days. Obnoxious people on the phone. Won’t fill the order anyway. I canceled the order and will pay more somewhere else as it is very worth it not to deal with Broadway Photo.

  85. Good thing to know about Japanese version. Site didn’t refer to this. Went to Tiger Direct, hopefully no hassle here. Will see.

  86. Great job on your review. One of my pet peeves when shopping for a laptop is the failure to state the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed on a laptop. Hopefully you can address this. In the future it really would be great to see companies state the RAM something like 512MB/2GB, or whatever they are selling. Wouldn’t that be great?

  87. @Sean
    The wait should be worth it!

    Thanks for all your comments and help. Like you, I am thoroughly enjoying the AAO as a netbook, great for Internet and other low-power things.

    I haven’t had any problems watching YouTube videos, but admittedly, I’ve only watched the “normal” quality videos, not the HD ones. A few things to consider:
    1) If you are trying to watch a YouTube video in HD format (something like 720p) then the AAO might have trouble playing this back. But I’m not sure.
    2) If it kept stopping every few seconds to download more data, it may be a problem with your (wireless) connection. As Chuck recommended, try it on another computer to see if you get the same results. If every network access seems slow on the AAO (file transfers, etc) then it may be a problem with the wireless connection.

  88. @Pam
    Sorry to hear about your experiences with Broadway Photo, but thanks for the heads up to everyone else.

    Yeah, this was a bit confusing since the AAO has a maximum RAM capacity of 1.5 GB I believe. This was because there is 512MB onboard (soldered) and the only available SODIMM slot only takes up to a 1GB module.

  89. HI Peter Thanks for your reply,I see the 6cell AAO on Amazon USA and the spec says it has a 1.3mp webcam,is this correct?

    Its after xmass and I am still waiting for the 6cell to arrive in Europe.

  90. @Sean
    The webcam on my AAO is only 640×480, making it only a 0.3 MP webcam, not 1.3 MP. However, it appears that the newer AAO units are now coming with a 1.3 MP webcam. See here for details.

  91. Thanks a mil Peter,will do more searching.

  92. Love my aa1, even though I can’t get the built in mic to work (deaf mike). On some aa1s this is a difficult problem with no known solution, so would advise testing as soon as you can (try recording with sound recorder if xp). If you have deaf mic problem and can return unit for another, do it. If you find a solution (I’ve tried different realtek drivers to no avail) please let me know Thanks

  93. My Aspire One is a God Sent:

    Can’t beat the portability, practicality and value. As I do alot of travelling, I use it for email, MS Office, surf the net and playing movies etc. My biggest values are:

    It’s inter workings with my ipod. In i-tunes, I play my large collection of music and movies with my own playlists, for me a whole lot better than playing with the shuffle buttons or watching through a 3″ screen.The spkers are sufficient for myself in my hotel room.

    Interworkings with my Cable/ USB converter. With windvr3 and the converting hardware, just like a VCR, I set up a timer to record my favorite shows,News comedies from my cable TV. These files are efficently saved as AVI. I watch at my own convenience.

    I use the aspire one as a secondary computer. My primary is a desktop with a DVD burner, bunch of memory and a shared directory by which the aspire one can get files, movies or anything not readily available on SD memory or USB key. In the computer world, peer pressure encourages us to buy Mercedes, for me I went for the Smart Car. I don’t need to compensate for any short commings…and yes I drive a Toyota Corolla.

  94. @Rob
    Sorry to hear that your mic did not work – is returning for a refund/replacement not possible?

    Glad to see you’re getting so much use out of your AAO! I have to admit, I’m not as inventive as you for finding new uses.

    I wholly agree that the AAO is a perfect secondary computer. After using it, all other laptops seem way too big and clunky!

  95. i bought a 6 cell batt.for my acer one but when i put it in my laptop it shows on the indicator that is not charging why is that?is there a compatibility on acer models regarding battery?pls. help..

  96. Does the new battery run the computer without the charger plugged in? In the past, I’ve had trouble with OEM replacement batteries. Is your 6 cell battery from Acer?

  97. With all these comments about getting a better internal supply I was wondering can anyone provide additional useful information on an EXTERNAL secondary battery. I have the 3 cell version I think which gives in my hands 1 to 1.5 h of life which is ok which is fine most of the time. Now a bigger internal battery is elegant but when off grid you could use a lot more power still. The obvious solution is to plug into a larger external battery. An external 12 V LiFeP batteries come in at 4kg for a 36 AmpH as an indication of how much more power can be got from an external battery depending on the logistics – plane may be a little problematic but car transportation is another matter. But is this feasible with the electronics??

    Now one link above refers to an adaptor that appears to take 12 V to 19V to transform back to 10.8 V. This seems crazy as it would likely involve loss of power. So the question is can one just simply plug a 12 V (or maybe a 10.8 Lithium of NiMH) battery directly into the power socket without blowing the circuits.

    I thought these computers were originally conceived as working of the grid in the first place too and hence working with 12 V in any case? I’ve asked the shop people but their imagination isnt too great and they werent much help.

  98. Hey Dave,

    It’s not clear how much power you want off the “grid” and there must be hundreds of ways to power your Acer. One way might be to get a inverter such similar to the one at the link below. This is probably not the cheapest version of this type, but it’s the first one that popped up. According to the Acer A/C charger brick, the output is 25 watts and the model below puts out 130 watts.

    If you’re looking for something to drag around, this is not the solution for you. Also, using one of these, a person would have to be careful that they left enough in the battery to start the car.

  99. I bought a new 6 cell battery for my acer aspireone (genuine Acer accessory part made by Sanyo – not after market) but the battery gauge (battery indicator) show “unknown remaining”. The battery charging led also blinks slowly instead of “solid light” when power adapter is plugged-in (no such problem with my 3 cell battery – also genuine Acer part but made by Sampio). I have tried (1) run eRecovery, (2) update battery driver, (3) un-install & then re-install with the original battery driver – but still show “unknown remaining”. Only my “older” AspireOne (bought last year) has this problem, but the latest new AspireOne (just bought) has no such problem with the same 6 cell battery. Is there anyone knows how I can fix the problem?

  100. bigal…

    If the 6 cell works fine with one Acer and doesn’t with another Acer, that sounds like either a job for Acer support or perhaps using the “recovery” program to put the problem Acer back to factory state. If you did the latter and it STILL have the same problem, I would think it would have to be a problem with the internal hardware on the problem Acer since the 6 cell battery works fine with your other Acer.

  101. Just noticed at the link below that J&R Music has the new 10″ One for preorder at $349.99 (160 GB, 1 GB, and 6 cell battery). I’m happy with my smaller Acer, but if there is no or little weight increase, I certainly would be interested in this unit.

  102. Thanks Chuck….I email & called Acer technical support, but they are unable to find / suggest a way to solve the problem. I have tried draining & recharge the battery a number of times, I have eRecovery as well as update the battery driver software (with no success)…..after trying everything, I suspected that it is hardware compatibility problem and asked to send the AspireOne & the 6 cell genuine Acer aspireone battery for them to fix. But Acer technical support refused because they don’t have a solution to fix the problem anyway. Now I got stuck with 3 cell AspireOne which is not compatible with a genuine Acer aspireone 6 cell battery.

  103. Hey Bigal,

    IF you haven’t had the unit very long, did you try to return it to the place you bought it? Several stores (online or brick) will accept returns during the first 30 days.

    If Acer doesn’t understand your problem, maybe on one does. However, you might browse around the link below as they have a lot of good tips about the “One”.

    Having a 2 hour Acer is NOT the worst thing in the world. Most of my laptop computing has an A/C plug available nearby.

    Where I would miss my 6 cell battery the most would be on a flight.

    Have you considered selling your problem Acer and buying another one to take its place (assuming you need 2 of them)?

    Even if you only got $200 for it, you would only be $150 away from a NEW 10″ model with a 6 cell battery.

  104. Is your older one an Acer Aspire One A0A110 and your newer one A0A 150?? Sorry I am no help butI am thinking of getting a 6cell batt for my AA1 which is an A0A150.

  105. Hi All,

    I am living in Toronto and I have recently picked up the AAO from bestbuy for $399 (160 HDD, 3-cell battery), and I got a few questions:

    1. I want to get the 6-cell battery, where could I get it? And how much does it cost approximately?

    2. I love everything about the new netbook except the wireless connection. The connection is so slow even I am 2 feet away from my router (13~14 KB/s download VS 200+ KB/s download with my other laptop). Is it a well-known issue? Any solutions?

    3. I read that the 10″ AAO is coming out soon, should I get that instead of the 8’9? Portability and power consumption is really important to me since I am always in places without power source.

    Thanks in advance!


  106. Initially, I also thought it is a good idea to buy a genuine Acer 6 cell battery for my 3 cell AspireOne. I ended up wasting 3 days emailing & calling Acer Technical Support. They were unable to solve the problem – & they refused to fix or exchange for me.


    My “older” (actually 5 months old) model AOA150-1890 AspireOne is not compatible with (model UM08B31) genuine Acer 6 cell battery.

    Even if the seller allows return, it doesn’t worth the trouble and paying all those mailing & shipping + re-stocking fees, etc.


    Acer had refused to take any responsibility when they already knew about my hardware compatibility problem. In my opinion, it doesn’t worth to take the risk of buying their 6 cell battery for your 3 cell AspireOne (& take the risk of suffering like I did).

    It is sad that I had wasted 3 long days trying to solve Acer’s compatible problem… return, I am getting nowhere with Acer.

  107. The 10″ AspireOne is quite interesting because it has bluetooth (although I actually hardly use the feature in my other laptop – but it is always good to know it is there in case I want to use it).

    But after reading the spec and comparing the dimensions and weight, it seemed that the slim 8.9″ version is more compact, lighter & a better road companion to carry in my shoulder bag (which is the main attraction to have a small netbook in the first place).

    The 8.9″ version also has 2 SDHC expansion slots (which the 10″ only have 1)…it is very useful for me because 1 slot can be full-time occupied by a high speed & high capacity SDHC for easy portable “SSD” storage to be shuttled between my desktop & netbook + 1 extra slot for transfer of files using another SD card at the same time).

    It will be nice if Acer can just fit the 10″ screen + bluetooth feature into the existing 8.9″ case without adding the extra dimensions & weight. It will be nice if they can have HDMI instead of VGA output connection.

  108. I noticed that on 26 January “95. Ed said” (item 95 above) is also facing the same 6 cell battery compatiblity problem as I am. I wonder if he had found a way to solve the problem?? I am still stuck with a genuine Acer 6 cell battery that has battery gauge compatibility problem with my AOA150 (& Acer Technical Support failed to resolve!!!). HELPPPPPPPP !!!

  109. I suggest that you sell the 6 cell battery on eBay with a description of the Acer model that it DOES work correctly on. I’m guessing you might get a price similar to what you paid for it.

  110. Thanks for your suggestion Chuck, but the Acer model that it DOES work correctly on is AOA150-1223 (a “Pink” 6 cell AspireOne that already factory came with a 6 cell battery). To face the truth, the chances of selling another 6 cell battery to a owner who already own a 6 cell AspireOne AOA150-1223 is very slim.

    Most eBay buyers are not awared of the Acer 6 cell battery problem (including me & ed). They will get angry & return the 6 cell battery back to me….beside lossing money on the battery itself, I will ended up lossing even more on shipping & handling back & forth.

    Acer should admit that they have the 6 cell battery compatibility problem & offer to recall (or at least offer to exchange for customers who are reporting / complaining about the problem).

  111. Hey bigal

    I find it strange to say the least that the 6 cell battery ONLY works on a 6 cell pink unit. On that note, I would think there would be a few “pinkies” that would want an extra battery for those times when a 6 cell won’t hack it. I’ve carried an extra battery on flights before.

    To prevent problems on “returns”, I would be VERY specific as to the model that your 6 cell works correctly on and that way, you shouldn’t have a “return” problem. Before trying a sale on eBay, you should try IF you live in a craigslist area. No commission and local pickup to insure it works. While I’ve never done it, its possible to do a craigslist sale with a mail option.

    I still have a hard time believing that Acer makes 4 different 6 cell batteries for the 4 different color Acer’s.

  112. Hi Bigal

    Sorry for the late reply, but I have just ordered the following white genuine Acer 6 cell batt.

    Acer spire One Battery 6Cell 5200mAh White

    LC.BTP00.018 will this batt work do you think???


  113. HI bigal

    This model has 5200mAh capacity

    Your batt model UM08B31 ha 4400mAh that right?

  114. Hey Chuck & Sean,

    Oooops….The new genuine Acer 6 cell battery in trouble with my 5 month old white AOA150-1890 is model UM08B31 made by Sanyo 5200mAh 58Wh 11.1V (not 4400mAh). MMmmm….Trouble!!

    Is it possible that the 5 month old AOA-150 3 cell AspireOne can only read 6 cell battery up to 4400mAh?? & not 5200mAh (just a wild guess).

    Both “White” & “Pink” AspireOne have same white bottom body, they will color match the same white color battery (while “black” & “blue” AspireOne color match black color battery).

    I have already suffered enough for the last 3 days. The 6 cell battery itself only costed me C$68.99 (not including taxes, levy, shipping & handling). If I sell it to the next guy in ebay, he & I may end up with suffering more losses of money & time. I had enough….it is time to let things go & cut loss.

    It is sad that Acer has refused to repair or exchange for me. The only thing I can do is to tolerate “unknown remaining” on the battery gauge and be care with buying anything from Acer in the future.

  115. Hey BiGai

    The 6 cell that came with my “Blue” Acer has the following model number…


    My “One” says on the sticker on the bottom that it is…

    AOA 150-1447

    And the battery states that it is a 5200mAh unit.

    I just checked on eBay and they have perhaps hundreds of 6 cell batteries (mostly 5200mAH variety, but some 4400mAH ones).

    While I’m not in the market for an extra battery, I might be willing to take it off your hands IF the price is right AND it works with my unit. My offer is for you to send it to me and if my Acer recognizes it as good battery, I’ll send you $30 which includes shipping. If it doesn’t work, I’ll send it back to you on my “nickel” so all you will be out is the shipping to me.

  116. Hey Chuck,

    Thank you very much for your offer, but it is very hard for me to accept your offer…reasons :

    (1) Similar to my “white” AOA150-1890, there is much risk that your “blue” AspireOne may not be compatible to my 6 cell battery. Instead of wasting more money shipping the battery back & forth (& ended up with nothing), I will minimize loss & accept the 6 cell battery as it is.

    (2) My “white” AOA150-1890I can still use the 6 cell battery….the only inconvenience is reading “unknown remaining” instead of actual % remaining. Instead of selling it for $30, I will use the battery at home – or just keep it as spare battery for emergency.

    (3) Instead of spending more money to buy another battery, I may upgrade to the new 10.1″ AspireOne when it is available. Hopefully, the 5200mAh UM08B31 will work with the new 10.1″ AspireOne.

  117. Hey Bigal…

    I guess I didn’t understand your situation. I thought the 6 cell in question was NOT working period with your system and just a “brick” to you. If I wasn’t clear, I’m really not looking for an extra battery, but thought it was worth a shot just in case it worked correctly for me.

    No foul intended. If nothing else, I learned there are about a zillion batteries on eBay IF I ever need one.

    If you do the upgrade to the 10.1″, I hope it works for you. I would love to have one if only because the memory is easior to upgrade and a slightly bigger screen would be nice. Actually, a bigger keyboard would be even nicer!


  118. The 6 cell battery can still “work” with my AOA150-1890, the only problem is…I am not sure when it is fully recharged or how much is still remaining when it can only display “unknown remaining”. It is like flying an airplane or driving a car with a defective fuel gauge.

    Laptops & netbooks are getting better & cheaper everyday that it is hard to keep up. I bought a 7″ Asus Eee a year ago when it first came out & then AA1 8.9″ popped out a few months later….now they are coming out with 10.1″ with bluetooth.

    For me, the poor design of taking apart the AA1 inorder to upgrade the RAM is a 1 time thing and it is acceptable to me. But the failure of Acer Technical Support to replace or resolve the compatibility problem of their own genuine accessories (after wasting many days using “trial & error” methods to fix it with no success) – really put a dent on my confident in buying Acer products or their accessories in the future.

  119. I bought the Acer Aspire One last week at Office Depot. I specifically asked the sales person (store manager) if it was the 6 cell version (it was 160HD version), she said “yes”, she had a 6 cell (different computer), it was great. Of course, after I had fully loaded the sweet little thing (I love it) and noticed the battery life was going down and started below 3 hours, after much internal examination, I figured out it was a 3 cell! (I saw this happened to someone else on this site who had bought one at Costo). The problem is nowhere on the box or even on the battery itself can you figure this out, unless you have checked the 40 or 50 model numbers on the Acer website. ANyway, I have resolved to just get a 6 cell and use it on airplane flights and have the 3 cell extra. THe best deal I saw on web is, %61.95, free shipping, 5200mAh, and they specifically listed my model (150-1635) as compatible. Anyone find anything better or deal with this company? Thanks.

  120. hey mary,

    When I bought my genuine Acer UM08B31 6-cell battery (5200mAh 58Wh 11.1V), I have never dream that it will not be compatible to my Acer AOA150-1890 AspireOne. Now my AOA150-1890 battery gauge can only show “unknown remaining” with the recharge LED keep on blinking. I don’t know when the new 6 cell battery is fully charged – or how much charge is still remaining in the battery.

  121. YEs, I saw your earlier post and it has made me a little cautious about getting a new 6 cell, but I make flights from CA to East Coast and I really want longer battery life, as I thought I would be getting. Your 6 cell batter number (UM08B31) is the one I am looking at on-line at Having a battery that doesn’t tell you how much power is left would be a real drag. I would have returned the AOA I got last week, except that I already spent the usual hours and hours setting up all my favorite “things” before I realized the I think my best option now is to pick up a new 6 cell, hope it works right, and take the 3 cell along as well (it is really light and small). THis $61 model looks good compared to the one on the Acer site for $135, but I know people have had varying experience with these batteries, whether Acer or otherwise. I was impressed that gogo-power actually listed the model numbers that were compatible, which many sites don’t provide (still no guarantee, but at least they considered the compatibility issue). Grrrr….

  122. I just got a new 3 cell from acer. My 3 cell was defective. I have not used it yet, want to order the 6 or 9 cell. From the last post it looks like the 6 or 9 cell may not be able to read the battery life info from the battery. Can anyone recommend a 9cell that is working for them? Thanks Harry

  123. A month ago I bought a 6 cell Acer and the battery does seem to last a long time. Also, the computer recognizes it and reports time left in hours and percentage.

    When I remove the battery, is says it was made in Korea and is labeled “UM08B74”. If you google this string, you will see several sites that sell it. As to whether this “string” is generic or not, I can’t say. Good luck in getting a 6 cell that doesn’t do what some of the Acer owners here are saying about replacement 6 cell batteries.

  124. I am surprised to hear that Harry’s original 3 cell battery was also “defective”(can u give me more details on “defective”?). It seems that Acer has problem with their 3 cell battery as well as 6 cell battery.

    Chunk’s 6 cell battery was made in Korea, but my genuine Acer Aspireone 6 cell battery only say Sanyo UM08B31 (5200mAh 58Wh 11.1V)…it didn’t say where it was made.

    According to Acer Technical Service, Acer also have “problems” with batteries supplied by Sony. Watch out.

  125. To clear up any confusion by bigal, my battery does say it was made in Korea. However, it came in my original Acer SEALED box that was purchased from as an original 6 cell unit. Also, I forgot to mention that it is a 5200mAh unit.

    While I suppose Acer could have done a switcharoo before packing my computer, I believe that IF my 6 cell battery is not in all factory units, Acer DOES also use my battery for their factory units. I don’t know of any laptop manufacturer that also makes their own batteries.

    As I stated in a much earlier posting in this thread, I’ve found in the past with other laptops, if you purchase an OEM battery that is suppose to be the same as original equipment batteries, sometimes they just don’t hold a charge like the original batteries.

  126. The link below has a short write up on laptop batteries. As to whether this applies to the Acer batteries, I’m not sure. Anyway, I think it’s worth a read.

  127. To further amplify, the battery that came with my unit is made in Korea by Simplo and assembled in China according to the label on the battery. Not sure how one goes about “assembling” a battery after it is made?

    Memory upgrade information. Yesterday I upgraded my RAM to 1.5GB and it seems to have given my Acer a little kick in the rear (snappier performance although I don’t have any bench mark testing gear). I thought about doing the job myself. There are step-by-step instruction and also a few videos on youtube that clearly show what to do. However, the “zillion” screws, the ribbons that have to be unsnapped, the mother/daughter boards that have to be removed and then reversing the process convinced me that I would be asking for big trouble doing the job myself.

    So, I bought the 1GB memory stick and took it into Best Buy and let the Geeks there do the job for $40. The job itself takes less than an hour if a person knows what he’s doing. The Geek that took care of me told me he’s done the job several times now which was good.

    Anyone getting the new 10″ Acer has a much easier path to upgrading the memory (there’s a panel on the bottom for easy access compared to the previous Acer One.

    I just got an email from Amazon advertising a “preorder” for the new 10″, 160GB HD and 6 cell battery for $349.99 which seems like a great price considering I paid $379.99 for my 8.9″ model.

  128. defective, I got my Acer end of October, 24?, 2008. By Jan 1 it was not giving much time, less than an hour. By end of Jan it would not take any charge and without plugging in A/C the computer would not turn on. My 17″ 2006 Acer laptop still gives me about one hour down from the original 2½ hours. Would like to get a 9 cell for my little Acer and one for my Acer 7104 but have no idea who sells a true long lasting battery. Anyone have a battery for a year and happy with it, if so where did you purchase it. Thanks,

  129. Saw a thread on another board about 6 cell battery problems as described above. Some seemed to have some luck with updating the bios and others reported that did not do any good.

    I saw one posting that said these batteries have a chip in them that reports status to the computer. If so, and the chip has failed, I can see where it might cause error readings.

    Another poster stated that his 6 cell battery would only report 2-3 hours, but actually would power the lap for over 5 hours.

  130. I have tried update the BIOs – but with no success. I have also tried recalibate the battery using the BIOs setting…but the BIOs inside AspireOne simply doesn’t have the battery calibate feature (my HP laptop has battery calibration feature inside the BIOs).

    I have suspected & complained to Acer Technical Support that the chip inside the new genuine Acer 6 cell battery may not be compatible with the “white” AOA150-1890 AspireOne battery gauge reader (because (1) it is not the software problem, (2)the 6 cell battery works fine with another “Pink” AOA150-1223 AspireOne but not the “white” AOA150-1890 AspireOne, (3) the old 3 cell battery works fine with the “white” AOA150-1890 AspireOne battery gauge……

    After hearing my complaint about “hardware compatibility problem”, the Acer Technical Support said that they do not have the parts & they are unable to fix the compatibility problem. They sinply refused to exchange or repair my “white” AOA150-1890 AspireOne battery gauge or the new 6 cell battery !!! Sad.

  131. how much does the 6 cell stick out? 1″ 2″ ?

  132. Unofficial measurements of the Acer 6 cell battery.

    The battery sticks out 3/4″ in the back and MAYBE lifts the back of the computer 1/4″ (I don’t know if the 3 cell batteries have this 1/4″ lift or not.

    The 6 cell battery has a kind of “spoiler” look that cars do with spoiler on the trunk (mini-spoilers).

  133. ok – what do u think of the asus eee pc.

    i found one with a 4 cell that does not stick out.

    will that give me good battery life?

    i want the acer 3 cell but with the 6 cell battery time.

    i know – don’t we all.

  134. If you’re worried about the 6 cell battery sticking out 3/4″ and thats a deal breaker, then you should get the asus eee.

    And no, I wanted a 6 cell Acer and would not have settled for anything else EXCEPT the new 10.1″ Acer 6 cell which also sticks out about 3/4″.

  135. Hi All
    I purchased a white acer aspire one 3 weeks ago,160gb 1.5 ram,and inbuilt 3g modem.Its the A0A 50BGw.I received the acer white 6 cell batt yesterday model UM08B74–MANUFACTURER SIMPLO.5200mAh.I can read the status of batt no problem.I also got a free s/w program from the net This a good program for reading the batt and controling other good things.If it solves your problem bigAl you should let the designer know. The protrusion on the back is no problem at all and it does not take away from its already great look, I would definitaly recommend the 6 cell after seeing it yesterday.


  136. i just bought the asus eee pc 900 ha from

    better battery life.

    hopefully i will like the netbook.

  137. Check out the prices here for the 6 cell Acer ($249) US. The site is Canadian and they claim to ship to the US. I’ am NOT recommending this site because I’ve never tried it although I would certainly consider buying from them in the future.

  138. For me the difference between two batteries is not a problem. I have acer aspire on 8.9 version and I have an idea in mind to upgrade it with bigger 9-cell battery. For me the most important thing for a netbook is to have a lot of power during a long day or a trip. I may wait for a price drop before going to shop for new battery. Also a good idea is to shop for a mini usb bluetooth module.

  139. i have an acer 1 with the 6 cell and the extra bulk is not that much, i went on a trip to mexico and its nice to be able to watch a movie and more before a full charge is needed. i was able to watch 1 movie and 2 shows with out an issue

  140. I bought two AAO’s, one 3-cell (120GB), and then the 6 cell (160GB) when it became available. Both models are white.

    When I move the 6 cell over to the 3 cell AAO, the slow blinking “unknown battery” problem exists. If I reverse this, put the 3 cell in the 6 cell AAO, it works fine.

    HERE’S THE KICKER: I bought a 9-cell aftermaket from eBay and put it on both AAO, and it shows over 9 hours of run time on EITHER AAO. Whatever the compatibility poblem is, it appears to be between older original 120G 3-cell AAO when you upgrade to the 6-cell from another AAO. Again, the 9 cell works great on both.

    This must be a firmware/chip issue. C’mon Acer… help out a brother….

  141. Hey erkme73,

    I am having the exact same problem as you have. My 5 month old white AspireOne can only show “Unknown remaining” (& LED blinking) when installed with the new genuine Acer 6 cell battery (UM08B31 made by Sanyo – 5200mAh).

    I have tried everything (e.g. update & reinstall the software & drivers, install a new battery gauge, drain & recharge the 6 cell battery a number of cycles….) but no use.

    I email to Acer & called Acer Technical Support to complain about the problem…they are unable to solve the problem & they had refused to repair or exchange the netbook or the 6 cell battery.

    It is really sad.


  142. I had the same problem.

  143. Snazal – you HAD the problem? Were you able to resolve it? Thanks.

  144. I have a novice question.
    I was searching, once again, for any information on if there was a way I could use my cell phone to connect to the Internet and ran across a blog on modding the Acer Aspire. That blog talks about adding bluetooth to the Acer, as well as other things.
    Has anyone here tried that? And, more importantly, can I just somehow connect my cell phone to the Aspire without opening up the Aspire?

  145. I’d rather not hijack this thread since I’m looking for resolution to the battery issue – but, depending on your carrier, look at PDAnet (made by june fabrics – weird, I know). It fools your phone/carrier into thinking the data use is by the phone, not the laptop. I’ve been using it on Sprint for the last 2 years without any additional charges.

  146. Oh, and another novice (non tech person here) question. Can I use a cheap DVD player hooked up to my Aspire to watch movies? I don’t want to burn them, I just want to watch them.

  147. Just want to share some information.

    I bought a geniue Acer 6-cell battery (white 5200 mAh), hoping it would work on my Aspire One, which came with a 3-
    cell (blue AOA 150-1570) originally. And of course, it blinks when charges and it shows “unknown” in the battery meter.

    I tried the tool from POST 135. Well it is a nice little tool but doesn’t solve the battery meter problem.

    Then I go to Acer website, download flash bios v.3309 and give it a try. And bingo. Now the ONE sees it charging. It reads the battery unique ID also.

    Good luck

  148. Nick, you’re a genius! I just followed the instructions from here:

    and after rebooting, it now says I have 98% remaining (5:40 hours)!! This was the fix. Apparently the older bios’ didn’t know how to handle the larger batteries. Kudos, my friend. You are awesome!!

  149. Hey Kay,

    I’ll take a shot at your question. Yes you can. The real question is how much mobility do you want? If you want to be able to use it on an airplane, you should get a USB2 powered unit similar to the one listed below from ebay. Or you can pick up a beefier unit that has it own power source, but won’t lug as well for traveling and you WON’T be able to use it on any airplane.

    If you go with a USB powered unit, you should probably have at least a 6 cell battery due to the drain from powering the Acer and a DVD drive from the internal battery.

    If you just want to play rental movies, you might take a look at iTunes, netflix or one of the other services that let you download movies. I think most if not all of these rental services only allow you 30 days to view the movie and then it goes POOF.

    If you can figure out how to convert movies to MP4 files, you can store several movies on your harddrive. At the moment, I have 16 movies in MP4 format and I think they totally only take up about 30GB of my 160GB drive.

  150. I just bought the AOA-150 3-cell. My PC crashed, and so I went and bought the AOA, not knowing there was a 6-cell. I have been looking for the 6-cell to see one in person, before I take back the one I have now. If I like it, I intend to get it through Amazon.

    I just can’t come to any conclusions regarding the 6-cell, because I really like my 3-cell. I need to see one in person, I guess. Anyone know where the 6-cell is carried in stores?

    BTW, I saw the 9-cell online. Boy, that mother is huge!!

  151. I’m researching the 6 cell, & it looks like the 5200 MAh has an extra hump, while the 4400 does not. Maybe I’m seeing things,however they are listed around $54 now

  152. I don’t know about the 4400, but the 5200, and the 7200 both lift the back end of the netbook up about 1/2 to 3/4″ making typing much more comfortable. I don’t notice the extra size or weight, and the reward of a 6-10 hour charge is worth twice the size.

  153. Well, I posted a week ago or so about my desire to get a 6 cell for my recently purchased AOA150-1635. I had specifically asked the salesperson if it was a 6 cell and was assured it was…of course, no where on the packaging does it say…after checking, discovered, of course, it was a 3 cell. The earlier postings on this site made me very nervous about getting a 6 cell (i.e. inability to read the battery), but I finally decided to order one — $61 from (based in Brooklyn…I didn’t want to deal with a Hong Kong reseller)…and IT WORKS FINE. Reads the battery, etc. I suspect the problem people have had does relate to the posting above that the older models aren’t able to read the upgraded battery but if you download the update listed above, you will get the fix you need. My new six cell is a 5200 so it has a little bump out on the back of the computer…not bad although I confess I did like the smooth look of the original 3 cell, but the trade off for 6 hours of battery time is worth it. I didn’t realize the 4400 6 cells might be smaller, but in reading various reviews, I’m not sure they get the same length of power. I wanted to have power for cross country flights from west coast to east coast, which means 5-6 hours of life. Thanks to all for this helpful forum and discussion of this vexing problem!!

  154. IMHO, this board is getting a little unwieldy moving from topic to topic under the guise of a 3 cell/6 cell discussion. Any chance of breaking this blog down into various topics discussions. Someone just strictly interested in batteries now has to wade through 154 posts IF they want to read every battery post.

  155. Bought the 9 cell. It runs and runs and runs. Comptuer says 8 hours and I used it last night, and today and it looks like 8 hours. 11.1v 6600mAh by HQRP. I bought the name brand because I had no feedback on the 7200mAh no-name. Now I have the original 3 cell 2 hrs and 9 cell 8 hrs.

    The 9 cell is 3 times the size. For me I wanted the time. It weights almost as much as the computer. Acer 1 lb 15 oz 9 cell battery 1 lb.

  156. Thank you so much for the comparison. I wasn’t sure if it was worth waiting for the 6-cell…but I’m definitely going to wait now.

  157. Hi Chuck,what do you think of this dvd burner for my 6 cell aa1.

    thanks sean

  158. Sean,

    I would think ANY external USB DVD burner would work. The link in your note doesn’t seem to work for me.

    If you want one for the road, the only kind that make sense is a USB powered unit which tend to be light-weight units. If you’re not going to pack it around, then a heavier USB unit that has its own power supply would be better for you. I have the latter.

  159. Hi Chuck

    Thanks for the reply and advise,hope this works.

  160. Regarding how to solve the problem of “unknown remaining” for 6 cell battery, calling Acer Technical Assistance is totally useless & waste of time. They had failed & refused to fix (or exchange) my AspireOne.

    After reading a number of postings on how to update the AspireOne bios, I finally tried it on my AspireOne & the 6 cell battery. The battery gauge on my 6 month old AspireOne finally work with my genuine Acer (made by Sanyo) 6 cell battery after updating the bios using “3309.bat”.

    If anyone out there have problem with 6 cell battery “unknown remaining”, you may want to follow their instruction & try to fix the problem by yourself.

  161. Got the 6 cell from gogo power (see Mary’s post
    #153). Couldn’t be happier!. No problem with battery meter, and the little hump is not a problem

  162. The new 10″ screen AspireOne hit the shelves of BestBuy & Futureshop in Vancouver. The saleman said there is plenty in stock (& also available in variety of colors)….somehow, they only sell the 3 cell version (no 6 cell battery).

    Although the white 9.8″ AspireOne looks very nice with white keyboard, I am totally disappointed that Acer should put a ugly dull black “bi-lingual” keyboard on their new white 10″ AspireOne – which make it looks very cheap.

    The bigger, fatter & heavier body also ruined the netbook & make it less portable. Initially I was planning to buy a 10″ AspireOne….but after looking at the real 10″ AspireOne, I decided to switch to the Pearl white 10″ Asus Eee PC1000HE with bluetooth & 9.5 hrs battery.

  163. After solving the battey gauge “unknown remaining” problem by updating the bios of my AspireOne AOA150-1890, I have tried to calibrate the genuine Acer 6 cell battery (5200mAH 58Wh 11.1V battery (model UM0831) made by Sanyo) by draining & then fully charge the 6 cell battery twice (i.e. 2 drain cycles).

    According to the battery gauge reading fully recharged to 100%, the “total time remaining” for the 6 cell battery is 6.05 hours (idle at half brightness – fan off by AA1 Fan Control – with WiFi switched on & idling).

    The “total time remaining” dropped to 5.15 hours when I clicked & open Internet Explorer with

    I am planning to get a 10? Asus Eee PC1000HE. Before I buy, anyone out there has experience with 10? Asus Eee PC1000HE using “9.5 hrs battery”??.

  164. ….dropped to “3:35 hours (92%) remaining” when playing .FLV file music video stored in harddisk using real player(half volume, half brightness).

  165. You were really helpful!!
    Thank you so much!! :-)

  166. I was going to buy an Acer AspireOne from TigerDirect, but I can’t figure out what the difference is between 2 versions: the A180-8038 and A180-A1997.

    Based on a side by side comparison on TigerDirect, it looks like one comes with a mouse- but they both have specs for a mouse. One is also slightly smaller than the other, which baffles me.

    Does anyone know how to find the differences between the SKU’s? I’ve been to Acer’s website, but it really lacks info. The SKU’s mentioned above don’t even exist on the Acer website.

  167. The problem is the the battery has a very short life. Mine only lasted a few months with very little use.

  168. If you hv already bought the Acer AspireOne & you got stuck with it (i.e. no return & no exchange), you can try to extend the battery life by lowering the brightness of the screen & install the AA1 fan control program (this will also reduce the fan noise significantly).

    But recently, other netbooks (e.g. Asus Eee & MSI Wind) are reducing their prices significantly & are coming out with excellent new products – which are significantly better (e.g. with bluetooth & much slimmer) & and with much mush longer battery life (e.g. 9.5 hours Eee & 12 hours MSI Wind)….comparatively, the latest AspireOne is falling way behind of others & its price is no longer attractive. If you can return your AspireOne, you will be much better off getting the new 9.5 hours Asus Eee or 12 hours MSI Wind.

  169. I have got this aspire (N280, 1.66Ghz,160GB,10.1″ ) for a week. Battery life is superb.Approximately 7 hours with 6 cells. Wifi is fast and stable. A slight slow opening web by 2-3 secs. but it has no problem to me.

  170. I am very happy to hear that your 1 week old 10.1″ aspire can get approx. 7 hours with a 6 cell battery. I have just tested my 5 month old 8.9″ aspireone with a 2 month old 6 cell 5200 mAH genuine AcerOne replacement battery, now I can only squeeze 5:03 hours out of it (idling with WiFi on, screen at half brightness, fan control).

  171. hello everyone!
    i am realy sad because of my new acer aspire one aoa150 pink… :(
    i only have it about 2-3 weeks and there is something wrong with the battery.
    I was realy careful with the charging part and whenever i pluged in i put out the battery.
    but the day before yesterday when i put in the battery, the light was blinking instead if just reamain tuned on..
    i think it does not even charge
    when i click on the bat icon it says that it is an unknown battery and that the remaining battery time is unknown too…
    i tryied to open it with both battery and the wire and i still have the same problem..
    i do not know many things about computers and i m afraid that i caused a damage…
    Please if anyone knows something about that, i would be sooooo…gratefull if you let me know!!!
    p.s.: excuse my english,i am from greece.
    thank you.

  172. Hi Christine,

    Refer to my “160. BigAl on 12 March 2009” above, I also had similar “unknown battery” problem earlier (e.g. blinking LED & “unknown battery” gauge, etc.). After wasting much time, I finally solved the problem by updating the bios by myself….

    Calling Acer Technical Assistance is totally useless & waste of time. After failing to provide the proper information on how to fix the problem over the phone, they simply refused to fix it for me (or exchange) – while it is still under factory warranty. I was left on my own…

    After wasting numerous days google searching, I finally solved the problem myself by updating the bios using “3309.bat”.

    Besides “unknown battery” problem, there are also numerous other technical problems with AspireOne (e.g. problem with noisy fan, poor Wifi & internet speed & performance, etc.)…..which need to re-program & adjust the settings inorder to get the AspireOne perform properly.

    I am totally disappointed with Acer. I think Acer should at least teach & train their technicians properly on how to solve the problem with their products.

  173. Hi,
    I have 3 Acer Aspire One,notebooks. One (1) ten inch, two (2) 8.9 inch. Two of them came with 6 cell batteries, but one came with a 3 cell unit, which I promptly decided to replace. I had looked to replace it with a 6 cell for the extended battery life, I highly recommend it to EVERYONE to upgrade to a larger capacity battery. I actually found a better deal on, they had a replacement battery for less than $60. and it just happens to be a 9 cell!!!! I am anxiously awaiting its arrival! I will post again after I thoroughly
    test its full usage out!
    Thanks again for your blog!
    Check out the blog my husband and I started, “Opal, the new diamond”. Tell us what you think.
    Comments are welcome!
    If you like useful gifts, check out my web-site!
    I use my notebook for my business extensively, so battery life is very important to me

  174. The 6-cell is great. I have gotten up to 7.5 hours with it. Good for 3 movies.

  175. For those concerned about the lack of a disk drive, many blu-ray movies include a digital copy, i’m not sure if you need the disk to download the copy but i believe all you need to go to the site and type in the code provided. Blu-ray movies are a quite more expensive to buy compared to regular dvds. but i bought HANCOCK bluray and easily loaded the digital copy onto my latop.

  176. For those concerned about the lack of a disk drive, many blu-ray movies include a digital copy, i’m not sure if you need the disk to download the copy but i believe all you need to go to the site and type in the code provided. Blu-ray movies are a quite more expensive to buy compared to regular dvds. but i bought HANCOCK bluray and easily loaded the digital copy onto my latop.

  177. Are all acer one netbook batteries the same. I have the new 11.6″ AO751H and am looking for a 6 cell battery.

  178. I searched E-Bay for 9-cell battteries for the Acer Aspire and noticed that they are also now selling 12-cell battery packs for the Acer Aspire One…

    I was just curious if anyone out there has ventured to get a 12 cell battery pack yet?


  179. It’s possible boot from Cardreader (SD Card) and if not can make this in next BIOS version?

  180. I have the Acer One 11.6 screen with the 3 cell battery. I am looking to find a 6 cell, how can you tell which battery will fit this size?

  181. I bought my Acer One D150 (ruby red) with a 6-1/2 hour 4400mAh battery on on August 17 for $299.99. I was delighted with it – and I still am! The battery has the Acer brand name on it and it really does last 6-7 hours. I actually had a hard time draining it a couple of times for the battery conditioning procedure.

    Today, I decided to check some of the technical stuff on this little baby and went into the BIOS utility. Imagine my surprise when it showed that it contains an Intel Atom N280 CPU @ 1.66 GHz! Amazon said it was an N270. Now I really feel like I got a great deal!

  182. I bought an Acer Aspire One last year with the 6 cell battery. I don’t use it much but when I do I find that it seems to be slowing down.
    My question is, has anyone tried using a TV tuner on one? I might be taking a road trip and thought it would be nice if I could tune into local channels to catch weather, road construction, and just watch TV at night if camping.
    I do watch movies streaming from Netflix and and there is a small bit of lag occasionally, but nothing too annoying. Would that be an indicator of how this would work for TV?
    Also, I was curious to know if TV watching would cause any more drain on the batteries than internet?

  183. […] is dan ook dubbel zo groot als de 3 cel batterij zodat je ook dubbel zo lang kan werken Zie ook: Acer Aspire One 6-cell vs. 3-cell battery comparison Ik ben nu niet zo zeker welke specs deze juist heeft. Acer aspire one 150 met N270 die ik op […]

  184. I can’t believe the prices I’m seeing some of you pay for the Aspire One AOD150. I picked mine up from Microcenter for $299 in December ’08. It came with the 6 cell, 5800 mAh/59wH battery, which is good for between 6 and 8 hours of “normal” activity (surfing/watching ripped video). The keyboard does take a little bit of re-training muscle memory, but after a few days you shouldn’t notice any problems.

    If you really want a deal, WallyWorld now has an eMachines netbook for $228. It sports a 250gb hdd, but only a 3 cell battery (2200 mAh). I couldn’t resist, and bought one of these too. BTW, the eMachines IS an Acer…. same battery, basic configuration, etc. If you look around some, you’ll see a lot of Acer/eMachines products offered.

    Look around They have GREAT deals, and several locations around the US. I just recently picked up a Toshiba 15.6″ display, dual core, full keyboard (incl 10 key), 250 gb sata hdd, nice full size laptop for only $369. Prices are always better the longer you wait. Always remember the techno-rule: Performance and capacity doubles approximately every 18 months, yet the price stays the same (or drops). Another sweet thing about MicroCenter…. if you’re a civil servant of any type, be sure and mention it when purchasing. You’ll be pleasantly suprised.

  185. i d’ont speak inglesh, sorry i have from barcelona, yo compre la asus aspire one pero su bateria es muy corta, en ebay he buscado y hoy he recibido una bateria por 40$ (28euros) que me aguantara toda mi jornada (entre ocho y nueve horas) es un gran avance para un pequeño incremento de peso

  186. I have the Acer Aspire One and purchased a 9 cell battery. Great battery life, huge weight increase but worse…..After about half an hour of use, click and the pc turns off. It took me a while to figure out the problem and I inserted the orginal 3 cell battery and all is fine. So has anyone any ideas? Is there a problem these batteries?

    Ramon, cuidado , la bateria mas grande puede da problemas. Yo lo tengo y cada veinte minutos el ordenador apagas. Penso es porque la bateria no es de Acer. Un saludo.

  187. I’m not a fan of this netbook. I have the Acer Aspire and first the 6-cell battery (UM08B74) wasn’t even charging.

    I had to research on the Internet that the BIOS needed to be flashed/updated. Once that was done, it supposedly charged the battery, finally reached green, and the display said that the battery was at 100%.

    I unplugged the computer and it SHUT OFF. I plugged it back in, rebooted. Looked at the battery readout which was 100% a minute ago, and now it said 2%!

    The damn battery either doesn’t hold the charge OR the readout claiming it’s charging is a lie.

    Either way, I’m beyond the return period and stuck with a “portable” computer that will only work when plugged in, thereby defeating the purpose of PORTABLE.

    The Aspire One is a pretty brown/gold color, but if the battery’s bad, what’s the point?

  188. I have the 6 cell battery and would like to buy a 3 cell battery for when I don’t need the extra time. I have a weekly 2-3 hour meeting and this is about the only think I use the Acer for. Plus I don’t like the way the larger battery messes up the lines and weight. Would be nice also to have a spare for trips. Any idea where I can find a 3 cell?

  189. the design of the MSI Wind is similar to the basic netbooks you can find around. the price point of this netbook is cheaper than acer or dell netbooks |

  190. Does anyone know who much the 6 cell 4400 mAh battery for the aspire one netbook actually weighs. I don’t care about the total weight of the netbook, I just need to know the weight of the battery. Acer’s techincal support isn’t able to give me an answer. I was hoping someone might have the battery and be able to weigh it and give me an answer.

  191. 6 cell 4400 mAh battery or 3 cell battery, I like to choose the 6 cells, because it’s longer last than 3 cells. And the weight is not too weight.

  192. I have the AcerOne 532h. Ads state battery life is “up to 8 hours”. I totally drained and charged battery 4x so far, and have never reached more than 5.5 hours. Battery = 6 cell, 10.8V 4400mAH, 48wh.
    Use is occasional web surfing but primarily Open Office applications

    Battery shuts off (hybernate mode) when it states about 20 min. left, but I think that’s a Windows7 issue not the battery.

    What IS the typical life? Is 5.5 hours normal? Or should I trade-in for a new battery (still under warranty)?

  193. lithium batteries are very expensive but they are very lightweight`-‘

  194. I have a 3 cell aspire one netbook but i have no battery for it does anybody know where to find a three cell. I dont even know the number of the battery cause it was given to me and it dident have a battery with it carolyn

  195. Me again my netbook is a aspire one AOD260

  196. Great discussion!

  197. Let’s breathe some life back in to this old thread.
    I can understand how people get very excited about more cells and higher Watter/Hour ratings. But here is some uncommon knowledge to help you make an _informed_ decision.
    ‘Cell’ refers to a Lithium-Ion cell, specifically the ‘18650’ 3.6/3.7V cell. 3 Cell batteries come in at 10.8 or 11.1V etc.
    Now here’s the juicy part: Not all 18650 cells are manufactured the same! Most Laptop manufacturers use Japanese made cells. The Japanese made 18650 cells are made by Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, Toshiba. Some Brand-name Laptop manufacturers use Korean made cells – LG and Samsung. These are generally quite good, but a tad behind the Japanese ones. NOW…we come to the no-name aftermarket ‘compatible’ or ‘generic’ batteries. Most of these use Cells made in China, by Ultrafire or Trustfire, or any one of 100 other low quality battery.
    With Japanese Cells, they are rated to supply 80-90% of their rated power after 300-400 cycles. (you’ll usually see 500 charge cycles in specs…sure. but the battery will only charge to a fraction of its ‘new’ capacity)
    With Korean Cells, the data is not so readily available. They do tend to drop in fully charged capacity after fewer charge cycles than the Japanese ones, but in general the price difference reflects this.
    With Chinese Cells, the manufacturing QC is basically non-existent. Often individual cells are dead or have short-circuits inside. In general you will be lucky to get 100 charge cycles, and at that point their fully charged capacity will be minimal.
    Also note, Lithium-Ion batteries degrade in fully charged capacity from the moment they are manufactured, regardless of Charge cycles or how long they are left sitting with low charge. Chinese cells seem to in general degrade to half their nominal capacity within 1-6 months. Japanese cells will degrade too, but the half-life is 18-24 months.
    To sum up: Don’t buy a no-name generic 6 or 9 cell battery because the specs look oh so pretty, unless you can find one which uses Japanese cells and offers a substantial warranty.
    After a bit of a search on ebay , some dude bt-flash is selling Acer batteries with 3 year warranty and Japanese cells. Slightly more expensive, buy you’re getting proportionally much more than what you pay for.

  198. every computer user deserve longer battery life I guess.. heheh.
    thanks for sharing this.

  199. Hello terrific post , Appreciate your giving this information

  200. pc troubleshooting…

    […]Acer Aspire One 6-cell vs. 3-cell battery comparison »[…]…

  201. […] […]


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