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This is the personal website of Peter Chng (me), a guy currently working as a software developer. My job mainly has me working with anything to do with Java, but in my spare time I also like playing with Python, Golang, JavaScript, PHP and other languages/technologies related to web development.

I went to school at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where I obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering. If you search around the ECE site there, you may find my name pop up in reference to my time as a research assistant there during my undergraduate years. I thoroughly enjoyed all my years at Queen’s, both for the people I met and the surroundings. Kingston itself is also a very nice city, not being too big or too small – it was just the right size for me.

If you’re at all considering Queen’s for a school, I can wholeheartedly recommend it, especially for any engineering program. I know I may be a bit biased, but the school spirit is strong and you’ll have no problem fitting in. Another upside is the neighbourhood that surrounds the university: It’s mostly student-housing, so chances are you’ll be able to find a house with your buddies that’s within walking distance of campus, and still be surrounded by other students! When I was there, I was within 5-10 minutes of all my classes, which was good, because I love sleeping and hate taking the bus.

Most of my (extra-curricular) interests lie somewhere within this website: I’ve always loved playing with computers, and enjoying learning about new web-technologies and how they serve to impact society. Web-development has also been a keen interest of mine, every since I could program and I have always seen web technologies as a very useful platform for application development.

My other interests mainly lie in reading anything that’s remotely interesting, and a little sports (mainly in the form of ultimate frisbee.) I also play the piano and find it relaxing, though I’m not very good at it. Running also consumes a good amount of my time and I hope to be able to run a marathon one day. Hopefully, I’ll be able to, with enough training and dedication!

I’m also currently a reviewer/writer for Virtual-Hideout, a site dedicated to delivering tech reviews and articles every week. I enjoy writing, and this is one of the ways I exercise that past time. You can see my recent reviews here, listed in chronological order.

Lastly, feel free to check out my presence on Stack Overflow:

profile for Peter at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

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This site, unitstep.net, was mainly created as a place for me to spend time on my hobby of web-development and to improve my skills in that area. As always, I’m still learning new stuff everyday, and to me, it’s exciting to have a sort of sandbox where you can experiment with new ideas and techniques to see if they’re useful; even if they’re not, it can still be fun.

The other role of this site is just for me to write on topics I find of interest. (Yes, that means blogging.) Whether or not you find them to be interesting is up to you, but I see this site as a sort of journal that’s open to view for everyone – and I always welcome feedback!

On the technical side of things, this site is run on an Apache/Linux setup using WordPress to manage the content, which in turn runs on PHP and uses MySQL for the backend. Most of these technologies are open-source or free, so that may be why they are so popular. That, and they work great! I chose WordPress because it was written in PHP, a language that I’m familiar with – this in turn eased the task of customization; I’m also familiar with SQL, so I felt right at home. I’m still an amateur at graphic design, so that’s why this site is mostly devoid of any design images.

The icons used on this site were designed by famfamfam. As mentioned before, my graphic skills are lacking, so any attempt at icon design would have resulted in mass damage to this site and possibly people’s eyes.

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