Google’s SearchWiki: Promote Search Results!

Yesterday, Google launched its SearchWiki tools, which allows registered users to promote or remove entries from a Google search to further personalize results. This will allow users to customize and tailor the results to what they’re interested in, but it’s worthwhile to note that Google has probably done something similar with their personalized search histories, already offered to registered users.

A few things to note: Firstly, while the act of promoting or removing a search result seems very akin to Digg, the result is not the same. The changes you make only affect your own search results, and Google is very clear on this. However, it would be madness to believe that Google would not use the data gathered from this social experiment to further improve their algorithms. You also have the option of adding your own results to further personalize your searches and there is an option for seeing what others have recommended/promoted or removed, providing for an interesting social experiment.