CakePHP and error/exception handling

Copyright CakePHP

I’m currently using CakePHP and finding it to be quite useful. The “automagic” handling of tables is useful for basic relationships, though more complicated setups usually require manual work. The MVC implementation has also clearly drawn inspiration from Ruby on Rails, which may be advantageous to some, though this has no bearing on me. Though there are a few things that nag me about CakePHP (such as lack of a good testing suite, though that’s supposedly fixed in 1.2, which really should be marked as version 2.0), overall it’s a great framework that adds badly-needed structure to PHP and has saved me time.

One thing I’d like to see, however, is a proper exception handling model. I realize this would require making it PHP 5-only, but in my opinion, PHP 5 adds some sorely-need features, such as the aforementioned exception handling model and a class/object system more in line with other languages.