The Flyweight Pattern: (Mis|ab)used at times.

In my brief career in software development thus far, I have seen a lot of “WTF” code, that is, code that deserves to be posted to The Daily WTF. Some of this code was admittedly developed by myself and upon reviewing it a few months after it was written, I secretly wondered what I’d been thinking.

This isn’t going to be an indictment of bad programming; in fact, I think it’s good if you can look back at your old code and see where it could be improved. Such a process suggests that you are continually self-improving, a skill crucial in software development. Besides, all of us have made a mistake or two at times when we were stressed, tired or just plain not thinking straight.

However, there’s one mistake that I’ve seen that I think warrants bringing to light, and that is the misuse of the Flyweight pattern.