My Virtual-Hideout Reviews

In my spare time, I write a few reviews and do a little work here and there for Virtual-Hideout, a site dedicated to PC Hardware and News. I've been writing for them ever since 2000, and it provides me with another opportunity to express myself through writing.

I also designed and coded the Cool Case Gallery, a repository of user-contributed pictures and descriptions of their computers, a few years ago. It was my first time designing and coding a project of that size, and I'm happy to have seen it grow to its current size. Check it out if you are short on ideas for designing your next system!

Though I sometimes find myself short on spare time for Virtual-Hideout, especially during the school year, I've enjoyed every minute I've spent contributing to the site. The following is a list of reviews I've written, plus the occasional guide or article. Feel free to read them and send me your comments. (The list is mostly complete, but there may be one or two reviews I've missed and will get around to adding.)

List of my reviews