Injured shoulder

This Wednesday, while playing ultimate, I sprained my shoulder in an unfortunate situation – I went for a dive for a disc, got bumped by another player, and came down a little hard on my left shoulder. I thought I heard it *pop*, but then again, I yelled “OW” pretty loud, so it’s hard to say – I don’t really remember. But, it did hurt. A team mate thankfully drove me to a clinic, where the doctor didn’t have anything particularly bad to say. Another good sign is that I got ice on it pretty fast.

So, now it’s just pretty sore – I don’t have full range of movement but I am doing range-of-motion exercises to keep it from getting stiff, and it doesn’t feel that bad. I had previously injured my right shoulder last year, so I had been doing shoulder exercises with weights to strengthen them to prevent this sort of injury – though I did come down pretty hard on it, and the doctor seems to have thought it could have been a lot worse if I had had less muscle there. So, maybe the training did help.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting better slowly. Haven’t been able to run for the time being because of the shoulder, but going up stairs doesn’t hurt. There’s a building on campus that is 12 stories from top to bottom, and I’ve taken to climbing that a few times to stay fresh. I’m hoping to be able to get up to five times consecutively.


  1. was the other one injured @ ultimate as well?

  2. Unfortunately, yes.

  3. did you make the catch…?

  4. Yes. And it hurt.

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