Sunsetting this blog

I will most likely be sunsetting this blog soon, and moving on to something like a static site generator for any future content. (I’m currently leaning in the direction of Hugo)

I started this blog back in May of 2006 as a place to post my thoughts, and during that time I’ve accumulated quite a lot of content. However, the rate of posts has slowed considerably, to only a handful each year, to the point where I don’t feel it makes sense for me to maintain this WordPress installation anymore.

Additionally, there’s tons of older content that is no longer accurate, and no longer updated. I don’t want to have the burden of keeping that inaccurate information up to date.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll archive all the content from this blog, but if I do, I will likely use something like this WordPress Plugin to export all the existing content. This may result in styles and links being broken, but at least the content would remain available as a record of sorts.

My aim for the new site is just to publish stuff occasionally, and for that, it seems like a static site generator is more than enough. It would also give me the chance to finally redesign this site into something much more simple.

Update: The new site is now live! Please have a visit at

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