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In response to the numerous comments received on my Acer Aspire One 6 vs. 3-cell battery comparison and subsequent full review, (thanks people!) I’ve added the popular Subscribe to Comments plugin to make dealing with responses easier.

Many of you posted questions in the comments, and having to keep checking back to see if anyone has posted a reply can be tedious and time-consuming. Instead, you can now subscribe to a comment thread when you post a reply; any subsequent comments will generate a notification that is e-mailed to you, keeping you up to date. The e-mail will also contain a link to where you can manage all the threads you are subscribed to and remove yourself from any subscriptions, so you have full control over what e-mails you receive. So don’t be afraid to use this feature!

The feature is disabled/unchecked by default until you enable it. This means it is purely an opt-in subscription, to prevent connotations of spam, which we all hate. I have tried it out and it appears to be working, but let me know if you have any problems.

Future changes

I had considered going with a third-party/centralized fully-featured commenting system like DISQUS or IntenseDebate, since they offered other nice things such as threading, replying and much more user control over things. Additionally, the idea of your comments on one blog being part of your overall “identity” on the web expands the discussion and appeals to many active participants. From what I’ve seen of DISQUS on other sites, it appears to be very appealing.

However, I wasn’t sure of what direction things would move in after moving to a third-party commenting system, or what would happen to comments stored there. Recently, IntenseDebate was acquired by Automattic, the startup behind and the open source WordPress project, which of course powers this blog.

Since then, IntenseDebate has become an invite-only service. (if only temporarily) One would expect tighter integration with and IntenseDebate, but I’m not sure how this will affect the standalone WordPress with respect to whether IntenseDebate will work “better” with it than DISQUS. I am going to wait a while to see how this all plays out before making a move, but I expect to move to one of these systems in the future


  1. I forgot to mention.

    I cannot connect my logitec cam because is my accer aspire one is not windows!!!!

  2. great

  3. Best review of the Aspire One I have read. I have only I major problem with so called Netbooks. They are as expensive as Laptops, are often crippled by comparison, and their only saving grace is their longer up time. I have enough laptops, desktops and terrabtyes of memory. When I travel, I either have to use a mobile phone for emails, which is very hard, and excruciating to compose emails by “texting”. Ideally I want a light robust smallish format screen with solid sate drive and limited capacity to store stuff, but longer battery life and a useable keyboard is a prerequisite. Hey ho, the search continues….

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