Off to another cottage weekend of fun

Well, it’s time for another cottage weekend, thanks again, to Meaghan. The first one was a blast, and the weather’s even hotter now. Hopefully, there’ll be less bugs this time of year, but if not, I’m loading up on the bug spray. Unfortunately, my shoulder’s still a little sore, so I probably won’t try waterskiing again… not that I was all that great before though. I look forward to the relaxation though, and it’ll be a nice change to get away from computers and the Internet (and all of its tubes) for a while.

Should be back on Sunday, hopefully with some more pics!



  2. oops hit submit too early

    have a great weekend pete!

  3. too bad i missed another cottage weekend. that’s the 4th cottage invite ive turned down this summer (of 5). looks like i missed an eventful weekend (as usual).
    how was napannee?

  4. I didn’t go along for the ambulance ride (ERs make me sick), but from what I hear Simon underwent about 14 hours of open-head surgery to fix his headwound. What a trooper! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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