Three bike rides later

I finally started biking again, and so far have gone out three times since Sunday. I’ve gone a total of 70 km since then, with 30 km of that today. Can’t say I feel better (I’m feeling kinda tired/exhausted right now), but everytime I go out it’s an enjoyable, if not a testing, experience. Though, I don’t know if I can keep up the three-times-a-week thing; maybe twice a week is more sustainable. Here’s a few stats in summary.

  • Distance: ~71 km (Computed using Google Maps, so may not be perfectly accurate)
  • Average Speed: 24.4 km/h (Again computed using Google Maps and a wrist watch)
  • Dead fauna (road kill) spotted: 6 or 7, not counting repeated sightings.


  1. My bike is definately the thing that I’ve missed the most this summer. It’s sitting there in kingston, rusting and gathering cobwebs i’m sure (nice pic of that web btw). not that I could use it if i had it. It’s in need of a major overhaul. stupid canadian tire bikes.

  2. Yeah, it’s a fun way to burn off some time, I’m glad I’m getting some time in before the summer’s out. My bike ain’t that good (I badly need to get a water bottle holder), but it works OK. If I’m planning on biking more next summer, I think I’m going to save up and invest in a quality bike. Oh, and maybe some tools/replacement parts in case I get a flat during a long bike ride.

    Went out again today, but it was mad windy – the ride out from the city took only 35 mins, while the ride back took over 10 mins more because of the wind. Man that was hard!

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