The summer draws to a close…

I’m almost done work for this summer, where I worked at Queen’s University for the Electrical Engineering Department under an NSERC grant. The professor I worked for, Dr. Geoffrey Chan, was a great prof. to work under, and so were the people in the lab. I learned a lot, mainly in how to implement signal processing concepts in Matlab, and it was nice to see stuff I’d learnt in class actually getting put to use.

My research area was mainly in Speech Quality Assessment, which deals with the design of an algorithm that can determine how a human would interpret the quality of a speech signal file that has been degraded somehow. Look for an upcoming entry describing this more in detail.

This summer, potentially the last of my university life, has also been fun, and in retrospect I’m happy with how it went, as I was able to do most of what I had planned or wanted to do. This mainly included getting this website online, learning more about web-development and design, and getting outside more for exercise. Of course, the fact that the summer was so enjoyable will only making the looming school year feel that much more tough – because it’s my last year of studies, I have a pretty heavy and serious course load. Hopefully I’ll make it through without losing my mind!

I’m getting ready to fly back home to my parent’s, who’ve just moved out to Edmonton. I’m looking forward to seeing the new house, and it’ll also be my first time flying in a long time. I’ll be spending about two weeks there, until it comes time to go back to Kingston for school – it should be very relaxing spending time with the family.

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