A new semester

After a grueling last semester, followed by a relaxing break, the new semester has started. Because this is the last semester of my undergraduate studies, I wanted to free up as much time as possible to allow me to pursue “real-life” activities, such as, deciding what to do after university.

My schedule is significantly easier than fall. I have “only” four courses (five if my project/design course is included), as compared to six before. I also hope to be a TA this semester again, helping out in a second-year lab course. And, hopefully I’ll have more time to spend with friends as well. But, as mentioned before, I want/need to spend more time deciding my course of action after university is over. Whether that’s applying to jobs or graduate school, it is definitely the most important and urgent thing in my life right now.

The break at home with family was fun and relaxing. I’ll most likely be heading back there for reading week. But, between now and then, there’s a lot of work to be done.

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