Super Mario Galaxy!

Super Mario Galaxy!

Aside from Wii Sports, the first “killer title” for Wii may be Super Mario Galaxy – it’s definitely the title to have for Wii this holiday season, and is sold out at many stores. I managed to snag a copy off eBay, and it finally arrived today!

I hadn’t updated the firmware on my Wii in a while, so that was required before I could play the game. The update went off without a hitch, and I was soon engrossed in the latest adventure of Mario. The game is very easy to get into, even for newcomers, but there is much familiarity for veterans of previous SMB games. Right from the beginning, the familiar sights and sounds – in particular the menacing Bowser airship track from SMB3 – will bring back the good old memories from your childhood.

It’s definitely a lasting franchise, and I’m looking forward to getting into this latest installation. Arstechnica has a great review of the game, if you’re interested.

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