Driving Gloves

Ever since getting my new car back in September, things have been great. That is, until things started getting colder. Besides having to brush off snow/ice after every snowfall, the cold weather also makes driving more uncomfortable.

More specifically, holding a cold steering wheel after you’ve just spent the past few minutes outside chipping ice off of your car sucks. Not having the benefits of a heated steering wheel (do such things exist?) I was left with the option of keeping my gloves on while driving, at least until the car warmed up sufficiently. The only problem was that my gloves didn’t provide enough grip and thus driving wasn’t as fun.

So I needed a pair of gloves with enough grip to make them viable for driving. As you may know, I’m a big fan of MEC, so when I was there the other day I spotted these gloves, which seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.


The fit of the Windstopper N2S gloves was superb, and the grip more than enough for driving. More importantly, because they’re so snug, you still have excellent finger dexterity for manipulating things like keys, dials and switches. The only downside is that they’re not very warm, at least when it comes to the -25C experienced in Edmonton as of late. If you’ll be outside for extended periods, I’d recommend wearing them inside of mitts. However, they do a great job of protecting your hands from the cold of the steering wheel without sacrificing control.

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