Windows Live Mail hiccups

For those of you who opted in to Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail beta, you may have noticed some problems recently. It appears that Microsoft latest version of the its mail service had some bugs in it – the following was shown after the login screen today.


You may have noticed that some of the new features in Windows Live Mail Beta have gone missing! Well, you’re right. We hit a couple of bumps with our most recent release, but we’re working hard to bring back the great new features.

In the meantime, we’ve restored the service to the prior release so that you can keep using Windows Live Mail Beta. For all you Firefox users out there, this means that you’re getting our Classic Hotmail experience again.

Don’t worry – we’ll get your new Windows Live experience working as soon as we can! This is all new stuff we’re doing so we appreciate your patience while we work the kinks out.

As you can imagine, these problems gave my mother quite a headache and she’s vowing never to use “Hotmail” ever again, instead switching to the Gmail account I setup for her a while ago. It seems that the problems were limited to Firefox, which I recently switched her computer to using – so I may share some of the blame.

Despite this, I still appreciate that Microsoft is trying to improve their webmail and further tie it together with the rest of their web services. But it still has some way to go before it’s on par with Gmail, in my opinion.

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