School’s out

I’m finally done my undergraduate studies at Queen’s University, and if all goes well, I’ll be receiving my B.Sc.E in Electrical Engineering soon. It’s been a fun, but hard, four years, and I don’t regret the experience at all. This last semester was particularly hard – due to a combination of our fourth-year project and the fact that this truly was the “last mile”. It certainly wasn’t as easy as I had expected.

Our fourth-year project team, consisting of myself and two of my buddies (also in Electrical Engineering), worked on the design and production of a scale model autonomous warehouse robot that would be able to store and retrieve packages from a mock warehouse. This consumed many a late night, but it was nonetheless gratifying to see it all work out in the end. I can’t be sure how many hours we put into the project, but it was definitely a lot.

My last exam was actually way back on the 25th of April (one day after my birthday…), but I didn’t move out until the 30th, and then didn’t fly home until the 2nd of May. I’ve spent the last few days just unwinding and getting things in order. Now that I’ve gotten all that stuff done, I’m looking forward to some time off and getting back into some web development, which I took a break from due to school.

In particular, I’m looking to try out several frameworks, such as Cake for PHP and jQuery for JavaScript. These frameworks look like they’ll make the process of web development easier and more logical – especially with regards to JavaScript. Nowadays, I believe a good framework is almost necessary for JavaScript development – while you should still understand the underlying basics, a framework greatly simplifies many tasks.

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