Bought a PS3

After discovering that Rock Band for Wii turned out to be a disappointment, I recently decided to sell it off and save up for a Playstation 3, which I bought last week. I also picked up a copy of Rock Band for PS3 and am now playing Rock Band the way it was meant to be played: With downloadable content (DLC), properly-rendered gameplay and character creation. (I actually bought a used copy of just the game and then forked over $100 for the PS2 special edition, taking advantage of the current promotion and saving about $40 after taxes)

Does this mean I’ve lost faith in the Wii? Well, probably not. My disappointment in Rock Band for Wii was not entirely Nintendo’s fault, even if they have acknowledged storage/space issues, since many have pointed out that Harmonix may have cut a few corners by simply porting the PS2 version over to Wii, saving time but perhaps selling short its full capabilities. This point is further underscored by the fact that the upcoming Guitar Hero IV: World Tour, will feature DLC in the Wii version – though perhaps we’ll see if that’s the case when it arrives later this year.

I think a better way to put it is that the Wii and PS3 occupy different segments with only partial overlap. The Wii has a lot of fun games, but at times the graphical limitations can be annoying; one simply can’t rely on unique game play for everything.

On the other hand, the PS3 is all about power and features: This thing is very much like a computer in terms of its utility, and I’m very impressed by what’s offered. However, there are many games on PS3 that just don’t appeal to me, despite their graphical superiority. Conversely, the fact that it’s so much like a computer can also be a detriment. When I’m playing on a console, I don’t want to have to think about things like HDD space and so forth – I just want to game. However, HDD space seems to be an issue, even with the 40GB PS3. I only have two games “installed” – Rock Band and GTA IV, and I’m already using up 10 of the 37 GB available. Perhaps this is because GTA IV is a space hog, but nevertheless I’m looking to upgrade to a bigger HDD once I can snag a deal.

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