An Overview of Image QA methods

The following is a presentation I gave for the Multimedia Coding & Communications Laboratory about current and proposed image quality assessment methods. It briefly covers the major types of methods, attempts to show the pros and cons of each, and also outlines the difficulties in producing a viable image QA method with clear advantages over traditional techniques.

The presentation is available at the following URL:

A zip file of the presentation is also available. Just download, extract it (preserving the directory structure), and open the “index.html” file in your web browser.

The presentation uses the S5 slide show system, a nifty browser-based method designed by Eric Meyer. Controls are similar to a regular slide show program, with the left and right arrow keys moving back and forward. Hitting the ‘t’ key will also convert the slides into a handout-mode, complete with my notes. A full list of controls is available here.

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