Back in Kingston for another year of school

Got back from Edmonton yesterday after a decent flight to Toronto and a bus ride to Kingston. Arrived around 6:00 PM, and so I had time to enjoy a good meal and then do some grocery shopping, lest I starve. The city is a lot more busy now, with all the students being back – it was almost a shock to me. You know you’re getting old when you shake your head at the “noisy kids”.

School starts tomorrow, and my course load for the first semester is quite heavy. I’m signed up for seven courses (which includes a fourth-year project course), and my schedule includes 8:30 AM starts on most days. I also have a conflict between one of my technical course and an elective course that I really want to take – but it’s only for one particular lecture, so I’m hoping I can work through it. We’ll see.

I think I’m getting a bit tired of this school stuff – I can’t wait to be done this year! (Though this may just be a side-effect of starting up a new school year…)

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