Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

I finally upgraded to WordPress 2.1, a month after it came out. I’ve been really busy with school work and whatnot, and while it doesn’t take long to upgrade, I wanted to set aside time so that I did it correctly.

As expected, a lot of the plugins I was using needed to be upgraded, which was somewhat of a tedious process. Most of them now work, though for some of them I was unable to find updated versions. However, they all seem to be working. Please let me know if you see something that isn’t working.

So, with the seemingly troublesome upgrade, why did I bother go forward with it? Well, it wasn’t that bad. Besides, I like messing with stuff. But the real reason was that WordPress 2.1 adds some nifty new features, such as auto-saving of your post as you’re writing it, similar to how Gmail saves your messages as you’re composing them. Anything that makes computers easier to use, and less of a headache, is worth upgrading to. WordPress is already one of the easiest (if not the easiest) systems to use, and this only makes it even better.

As a last note, I’m looking to upgrade the “related posts” part of my blog, which is the part that displays similar entries to the current one at the end of a post. Currently, I’m using the related posts functionality of Category Tagging Plugin, but I think it just looks at posts that have the same category/tag. I’ll probably move over to using the Related Entries Plugin, which actually uses a full text index to do comparisons to find similar posts. It’ll probably be a little more accurate.

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