A nice day for photos

Today, it was nice and cold (but not too cold) outside, so I decided to take some photos of the frozen waterfront in Kingston just around the university. I was somewhat inspired by this photo, taken by a fellow Kingstonite, so I wanted to capture my own view of it.

'Time', a sculpture on the Kingston waterfront

I got a similar result, but what was most interesting is that I also never noticed the horizon effect until it was pointed out to me. If you look at the sculpture, you’ll notice that the boundary between the steel and concrete portions pretty much line up with the horizon. Guess I never appreciated the weird-looking sculpture to its full effect. Check out the rest of the photos I took, if you’re interested.

Oh, and on a partially related note, I just learned that the number one result for a Yahoo! search on “sunrise photo” is a photo I took some months ago. Neat!

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